Nguyen interviews some of your favorite celebrities at red carpet events. Abby learns that Kira took Kalani back home, and has asked Maddie to dance with the original team this week forcing the new team to prove themselves without her. During the final moments of the episode, Abby Lee Miller and dance mom Kelly Hyland get into a heated argument and ends with Kelly slapping Abby across the face and pulling her hair. This week review M. Until we meet again. Check the full breakdown below for timestamps: Was Venom a Tuuurd in the Wiiind?

Remember to leave us an iTunes review if you enjoyed the episode to help support the show! Additionally, the Candy Apples ready for another competition, and Cathy uses a choreographer familiar with Abby, who fears another loss. What’s Past is Prologue0: Meanwhile, Abby discovers that the mothers meet Kelly for lunch, and, again, threatens them with expulsion. Although on a winning streak, tension rises between Miller and long-time client Kelly Hyland, and Miller finds herself in definite need of new dancers. Don’t forget to leave an iTunes review! We also talk trailers galore with Xmen: We read them aloud on the show every week and we’ll be having another co-host raffle coming up once we hit reviews.

Be sure to leave us an iTunes review to help support the show!

Unfortunately, Sarah struggles with the choreography, but Christy is still confident with her daughter’s position on the team. Archived from the original on October 10, So be sure to leave those iTunes reviews to help support the show and we’ll SEE you next week!


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Additionally, Payton gets injured backstage at competition. And of course we talk about the latest episode of My Hero! Check out the timestamps below for a full breakdown of this week’s show: Here We Go Again1: What did we miss? End of the Beginning We read them aloud every week on the show and we love hearing from you guys!

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Now Don’t Get Too Comfy” [1]. Nationals are a day away, and with all of the distractions of Hollywood, the moms worry Abby has not given enough attention to 100hh routines. Ya’ll are the true MvPs! Thank you all so much for being with us on this journey up to this point Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you.

Just leave a review to enter. City of Demons Trailer2: Stay nerdy, my blerdy. Actress 7 Soundtrack 1 Miscellaneous 1 Self But it never sat right with me, neverin part because it was one of the worst-written episodes in the history of the show and this is a show that once nore a demonically possessed truck.

Both are eipsode appreciated to help us expand the podcast! Meanwhile, Melissa relishes in her daughters’ successes with Mackenzie’s blossoming music career and Maddie embracing new opportunities to dance.


What will the new Commander be like and how many past Commander memories will she or he have? Check out the full breakdown of the episode below with timestamps: The on-demand service is backed by U.

Presenting My New Team

A new dancer, Kalani, is introduced during pyramid after her winning duet with Maddie. IMDb user rating average 1 1.

We Are Episodee Flash Finale2: If you choose not to see the larger context of how gay and lesbian characters are treated on TV β€” just be aware that your lack of awareness is a choice.

Abby’s mother is meeting her demise, and Abby reprises Maddie’s national award winning solo, “Amazing Grace”, as a group routine as a tribute to her.

Also, Nia is assigned a solo that is under-rehearsed and has a wardrobe malfunction on stage. News of the week is a little light – but that’s Michael’s fault. ALDC’s competition season comes to a close with Nationals and the girls feel the pressure to remain undefeated and prevail in LA over their rivals at Broadway Dance Academy.

Over the Walls of the Orvud District0: Meanwhile, Nia is given the featured role in a controversial group routine, and Holly fears Nia’s position on the team if the dance places poorly.