Dugdale pointed to a probation report citing eight allegations in which Nakoula had allegedly violated his probation. That fear mounted as anger raged in the Muslim world and especially as Friday, Islam’s day of religious observance, fast approached. While on probation, Nakoula can’t access computers or any device that can access the Internet without approval from his probation officer. Attorney Steve Seiden said his client had always maintained contact, in person and by telephone, with probation officers who have been monitoring him since his bank fraud conviction. September southern Israel cross-border attack. Don’t blame the video; defend free speech “He knew what he was doing. They came after violent mobs attacked the U.

The judge, who ordered a future identity hearing to determine the defendant’s actual name, cited the many instances in which he misrepresented his name. A clip dubbed into Arabic provoked widespread anger for its mocking portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad. Share this thread with friends: Maybe I will establish a religion with costumes and pageants and food laws. Names and contact information for the producer, director and other crew members were redacted. A public records search showed an Abanob B. But it’s probation violations for earlier convictions on bank fraud and methamphetamine charges that could put him back behind bars.

Sure people will get scared and some will duck just to avoid the threat, but the world is not full of cowards and every nakuola on civil liberties by Muslim militants only strengthens peoples resolve. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred. Muslims mad at more than the movie?

Producer of anti-Islam film arrested, ordered held without bail

She also noted his “unstable” residence and work history, referring to the film project, as also among the reasons for denying him bail. The prosecutor also noted that Nakoula was able to afford to make payments during the making of the film, saying it further raised concerns about his possibly fleeing the area while the legal case against him proceeds.

Why is this man in nakoulw USA? Details about the purported filmmaker have emerged over recent weeks: He has gone into hiding after telling US media he was the manager of a company that helped produce the film, but US officials believe him to be the director. Over the weekend, Nakoula was questioned by federal probation authorities who are conducting a review of his case to determine if he violated any of nakiula conditions of his parole.


You can use these tags: He is being cited on 8 probation violations for which the probation office is recommending 24 months in bassfly.

If it hadn’t caused the ructions it had there’s no way he would have been arrested whether his probation officer knew about it or not. Wonder when they will call for the death of some little disabled girl for blasphemy or begin killing children in order to clear their area of the impure ones. September Camp Bastion raid. Nakoula was cooperative at that voluntary interview, authorities said. The preliminary bail hearing began with Segal asking the movue — dressed in gray slacks and a white and yellow striped T-shirt, with handcuffs and chain around his waist — what his true name was.

Noting Egypt-based Coptic Church bishops had condemned the film that sparked protests, Egypt’s grand mufti — who noted he’s active in the Coexist Foundation, which promotes religious tolerance — urged an end to the cycle of different groups attacking each other.

Why there is no law to protect the religious beliefs of Muslims? You can read many books about the works, and accomplishments of Hazrat Muhammad pbuh in his lifetime which have saved generations up until today! Anti-Islam filmmaker ‘was playing us along’ Last week, Garcia told CNN she had been unaware that her voice was dubbed but the lawsuit alleges even further voice-over alternations of her on-camera dialogue.

In a court filing lodged with Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, Ms Garcia alleged fraud, slander and intentional infliction of emotional distress. One banner, for instance, noted that insulting blacks, Jews abenib women would be defined as racism, anti-Semitism and sexism, respectively, but questioned why insulting the Muslim Prophet would qualify basely freedom of opinion.

Two men once came before Hazrat Muhammad pbuh and one complimented him on how beautiful he was. A production staff member who worked on the film in moie initial stages told CNN that an entirely different name was filed on the paperwork for the Screen Actors Guild: Islam is not an entity that you wait for to see bad behavior and then take corrective action.

Retrieved 30 September Names and contact information for the producer, director and other crew members were redacted.


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Umm, the violation wasn’t him producing the movie, it was putting it online at the end. Activists called a countrywide general strike for Sunday in protest of a government ban issued Friday on any kind of gatherings and rallies in downtown Purana Paltan, centering the national mosque. Another staffer who worked on the film said he also knew the producer as Sam Bassil. Immediately following Thursday’s hearing, Nakoula was escorted away by the U.

In his interview with the Wall Street Journal, the filmmaker characterized his movie, now called “Innocence of Muslims,” as “a political effort to call attention to the hypocrisies of Islam. A member of the production staff who worked on the film and has a copy of the original script corroborated the woman’s account. Lawyers argued cooperation with prosecutors in a separate case should be taken into consideration.

They never caused harm to anyone, and this is a historic fact! A clip dubbed into Arabic provoked widespread anger for its mocking portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad. The prosecutor added that he had received assurances from the Metropolitan Detention Center that Nakoula would be placed in protective custody if he was ordered mpvie, meaning he would not have contact with other inmates. Another actress, Cindy Garcia, said last week she spoke with the abenbo after the unrest began.

After the location shoot wrapped, Dionne said sbenob and others were brought in to dub lines. Because I lived and taught nursing in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The 79 other cast and crew members said they were “grossly misled” about the film’s intent.

But once they turn religious, the US is in danger of being eaten from the inside. Muslims mad at more than the movie?

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Marshall service in a three-car caravan and driven two blocks to the Metropolitan Detention Center. He wasn’t under arrest at that time. But the storming of the mission was later determined to have been a terrorist attack. Views Read Edit View history. Actress from anti-Islamic film speaks