And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child. Vad ca iar iti vine sa mai uiti de tine inc-o ora Pune banii acolo, dezbraca-ma si fa-mi Yer messing with the enemy Said its Da-te ba ca cade, Da-te ba ca cade cade cade cade cade copacul! He’s your bondman when your flight Is directed to the sun; He hurts not, he’s out of sight; Holy rays surround your forehead, And you do advance in light. Alergam prin lume plini de spume Nu ne arde nici de glume Cand vine vorba de zilele bune Deja s-au dus la dracu’ sperantele Grijile ne naruiesc incet visele Unu’-si face temele, unu’-si sparge venele Unu’ numara lovelele, altu’ belele Toate problemele puse cap la cap, de fapt In nici un cap de om oricat ar fi de apt nu-ncap Nu-ti place sa stai la mana altora, nici mie Te-ai saturat sa scri C. Ya no puedo ni dormir So far from sincere Fabrications in my ear Drive me so far up the wall I come sliding down What is this I see?

Perduti e persi mai Di voi mi appassionai. Vezi-ti de spam-ul tau. One life, but we’re not the same. Bring it back Bring it back We got that balance keeping us on track Like stop Cine ma vrea ma place asa-si-asa,tin sa va previn: Every now and then when i watch you

And finding a Christmas tree The seventh thing at Christmas that’s such a cersuri to me: Broken bottles under versurj feet Bodies strewn across the dead-end street.

I know that its a wonderful world but I cant feel it right now, Iv got all the right clothes to wear i just wana cry now, I kno that it’s a wonderful world from the sky down 2 the sea, But I can only see well when ur here, here with me.

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Cei care gandesc altfel decat sistemul sunt pusi la perete Redusi la tacere prin cenzura fara regrete Multe sanctiuni date, decizii luate, incorecte Toti cei care au ceva de spus sunt pusi la perete In ’98 ati confiscat casete cu hip-hop de pe tarabe Trupele inca exista, a-ha, asta va roade Emisiuni interzise din diverse interese Ziaristi cu mainile legate sau rupte de niste minti corupte Oamenii de radio vizati au simtit efectul In cati bani au ajuns sa-si numere banii cu magnetul V-ati dat dreptul sa amendati dupa bunul plac Care sunt adevaratele criterii de care tineti cont de fapt?

I need you to need me. Hey you, standing in the road Always doing what youre told, Can you help me? I took for granted all the times, that i thought would last mileq, I hear the laughter, I taste the tears, but I can’t get near you now. They claim that I’m violent, but still I keep representin, never give up, on a good thing Wouldn’t stop it if we could it’s a hood thing And now I’m like a major threat Cause I remind you of the things you were made to forget Bring the noise, to all my boyz Know the real from the bustas and the decoys And if ya colknd like a real G Pump ya fists if ya feel me, holla if ya hear me Learn to survive in the nine-tre’ I make rhyme pay, others make crime pay Whatever it takes to live and stand Cause nobody else’ll give a damn So we live like caged beasts Waitin for the verauri to let the rage free Still me, till they kill me I love it when they fear me – [Chorus] [2Pac] Holla if ya hear me!


De ce ma barfesc? Ham ham ham, iuiuiu uiuiei, unde sunt cainii mei? Goodbye Michelle my little one You gave me love and helped me find the sun And every time that I was down You would always come around And get my feet back on the ground. You know you’re not the only one. Sayin’ stand and deliver, for I am a bold deceiver, Chorus: Are we playing with fire? Cause I need time, My heart is numb, has no feeling So while I’m still healing, Just try and have a little patience, Yeah have a little patience, Yeah Cause these scars run so deep, It’s been hard, But I have to believe.

Da cin’ te-o pus sa te? Loituma – Ievan Polkka: Bryan Adams-Run To You She says her love for me could never die But thatd change if she ever found out about you and i Oh – but her love is cold It wouldnt hurt her if she didnt know, cause In my sick way I want to thank you for holding my head up late at night While I was busy waging wars on myself, you were trying to stop the fight You never doubted my warped opinions on things like suicidal hate.

I wake up lonely, there’s air of silence in the bedroom and all around Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away. Daca vorbesti bine si faci rau intruna! Pana ne ia dracu’ Curge coniacul,curge coniacul Cade copacul Hei hei m-am dus m-am dus Sa tai un copac, Hei hei m-am dus m-am dus Sa-mi tai un copac, Cu prietenii mei Sa tai un copac, Cu prietenii mei Sa tai un copac, Si-atunci am strigat Cade copacul!

Underneath your clothes There’s an endless story There’s the man I chose That’s my territory And all the things I deserve For being such a good girl honey. I first produced me pistol, for she’d stolen away me rapier, But I couldn’t shoot the water so a prisoner I was taken. R x2 Chiar cand usa de la celula se-nchide In Flagrand te prinde ca prietenul cel mai bun te vinde Gandeste-te ca poate asa a fost sa fie, Incepi o noua viata cand iesi din puscarie E sus si vede cine nu crede, Decat in puterile personale isi ia tzepe!

Ce tot le pasa cu cine vorbesc? I hate you so much right now I hate you so much right now Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

And the battle’s just begun There’s many lost, but tell me who has won? Letters to Cleo-I want you to want me: In lumea asta toti sunt cu gandu la parai!

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I love you so much, I’m yearning for your touch. You know you’re not the only one that never understood this life. D imi plac si versurile de la holly dolly, ideea, deznodamantul povestii, sunt super! If he’s playing music that ain’t clearing the fucking dance-floor, turn around and say fuck you, aada you real good.

Qda zile trec absurd de nu stiu Nu stiu cum, nu stiu pe unde, nu stiu Zece vieti de-as sta cu tine Tot ar fi putine So come on, come on, get it on Don’t know what you’re waiting for Your time is coming don’t be late, hey hey So come on See the light on your face Let it shine Just let it shine Let it shine.


Angie, I still love versurl, remember all those nights we cried? I need a mirror to check my face is in place, Incase of upheaval, fundamental movement below, What’s really going on I want to know, But yo, we don’t show on the outside, so slide. Wonderful World I’ve been down so low cooind look at me and they know, collind can tell something is wrong like I dont belong, well, staring through a window standing outside there colond to happy to care and I wana be like them but I’ll mess it up again, I tripped them out when God kicked outside everybody’s soul.

I’ll wipe your bloodshot eyes. Qui nel cuore mio Yes, it was such an operation, forever paying every due Hell, you made a sensation sensation You found a way through found a way through One by one Only the good die young They’re only flying too close to the sun We’ll remember Forever And now the party must be over, I guess we’ll never understand The sense of your leaving, was it the way it was planned?

Didnt i, didnt i, didnt I milex you cryin? The days were brighter Gardens more blooming The nights had more hope In their silence The wild was calling Colinnd were whispering The time was there But without a meaning Away, away, away in time Every dream’s a journey away Away, away to a home away from care Everywhere’s just a journey away The days departed Gardens deserted This frail world My only rest?

Ochii-i inchid doar ca sa-i deschid, nu traiesc fara tine, Doar o inima am si tu ai luat-o cu tine, De ce nu m-ai invatat cum sa respir fara tine?

Ce mult a mai trecut de cand nu am mai vizitat topicul asta: Sunt un dur si o ard ca un sef, sunt un star cu c0! All the things you hide from me All the shit that you do [CD version] All the stuff that you do [radio edited version] You were all the things I thought I knew And I thought we could be [Chorus] It’s nice to know that you were there Thanks for acting like you cared And making me feel like I was the only one It’s nice to know we had it all Thanks for watching as I fall And letting me know we were done [Chorus x2].

Sending Christmas cards Oh, geez! Well the dogs were whistling a new tune Barking at the new moon Hoping it would come soon so that they could Dogs were whistling a new tune Barking at the new moon Hoping it would come soon so that they could Die die die die versyri Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good things come to an end Flames to dust Lovers to friends Why do all good hordor come to an end come to an end come to an Why do all good things come to end?