Just want to say I loved your comment. I think she made the right choice. What’s Memo up to? Unknown 24 January at I just finished watching it and am so disappointed it stopped at episode I think the wires were crossed too many times in your version. The unfortunate thing about it is that the series finished abruptly presumably because the plug was pulled and the last episode finishes with a couple of cliff-hangers that are not resolved. Unknown 13 January at

He was the love child of Sebahat and her ex, Hasan. I’m so sad that there was no second season, It was a god production. I wasted all that time to have this abrupt incomplete ending Wth! Second time I watch a Turkish Drama series that ends like this. The choices are Timur, Memo, Derin, and his father, as far as we know. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the first season and wish that there was a chance for the drama to continue; it would have been good to see that Sinan would achieve the happy ending he deserved after suffering so greatly. Login Logout Seite bearbeiten. No news whether there is going to be a season 2.

Lovebird and Kurt Seyit very Sura left me wanting more too. I loved this drama, excellent on so many levels. Sad, about sinan and Mine. She came back to him because she realized she loved him. Sinan, as the victim of a plot to foil his love and separate him from his son, is perhaps the most innocent of all the characters, but he remains relatively immature and perhaps the most devoted to the ideals of romantic first love.


Timur was that Man! Kept me laughing so much!!!

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Watched all the episodes, spent so many hours on this and finally got to episode ahbahto and oh boy! And Emine was outstanding and creepy and she could have shot Sinan for all we know since the last scene of her had tifls eyebrow raised like she was not at all a dopey sad person but a true psychopath. I would not even consider it to be love at all! I loved this series but I like everyone else want to see the next season.

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Unknown 24 December at Another Turkish disappointment for me! Doina de Florentin 12 October at This series was great but I do understand why they never made a second series. TV show and movie resource. Second time I watch a Turkish Drama series that ends like this.

How can the show end like this. Did Mine and Timur get married? Unknown 13 January at For Timur life itself is just a game of probabilities!

Their love was young love that was just not meant to last. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing and it is very slow.


Unknown 26 July at Guess we will 775 know since there is no season 2. I rolled my eyes at his constant need to talk to or see her. Unknown 2 August at I found Timur very creepy and I cringed every time he came near Mine, so I for one was very happy to not see any physicality between the two.

I think that Sinan was shot by Derin, she was going to get revenge from him. Sinan was so immature and annoying!

Posted by Nicholas V at I was rooting for Timur to go to Germany and stay out or Mine’s life. I too saw epislde as creepy, but then I appreciated everything he did for her. The Turks are Very talented actors but so disappointing the way Netflix only offers one season on most shows.

Since it was film in sauson I’m 57 and also was disappointed there wasn’t a bit more affection between Timur and Mine. Why didn’t Sinan have friends to check Mine for him? I can’t rewatch Subat because she kept screaming his name so many times