Are there salt specialists like this in the U. What do you suppose the top three are? When I saw the food was like this, when I dug the bamboo shoots like this. He dug bamboo shoots. Watabe-san and Sawabe-san had to pick out the nori. Flat Top-Level Comments Only. I do it for Sho-chan! They are aiming for the ultimate onigiri kyuukyoku no onigiri , and presumably not necessarily the most popular.

My goal is to introduce people to stuff they might like. You two are not!? You did it before official performance!? That was tough… giggle. Variety Shows — 1 Comment. What do you suppose the top three are? This site uses cookies.

You did it before official performance!? Right so, you did! This is expensive stuff, though — yen for just 33 grams! Why, though do we have to discover onigiri with these two?

Take a look around and grab the RSS feed to stay updated. More than preparing the rice, salt, and nori, though, they should have paid some attention to the filling. Sounds like the programme is aiha end giggle. If you think the image above looks like ice cream, I should warn you — those are not the episofe you think they are.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Watching the three having the dialogue There is a tempo there. You know, the fact aba we keep seeing the same specialist: He really learned a lot from this programme. This may shorten our distance.

Their goal is to learn all about tamagoyaki, including how to make it. Hi and welcome to J-Everything. Now, I know that the rice I buy is not the best rice for onigiri, so what amnabu

SCP – Aiba Masaki Part 1/2 (English Subtitles)

Thank you for sharing this! The rice they have seems to come in some very fancy bags costing a whopping yen for just 1 kilogram. You know, the fact that we keep seeing the same specialist:. So, that brings manabk to this episode, which is the complete opposite of the Oct. Aiba-kun did a little taste test to detect the difference.

Aiba Manabu ~ 相葉マナブ Epi – Eat ~ Work ~ Drama

You were also impressed by giant butterbur, right! Aiba Manabu Aiba Manabu Eventually, they asked him which of the various varieties on display was best suited to onigiri, and it was the koshi ibuki type, which retains water to get a mochi sticky texture.


We thought it must be delicious! This site uses cookies. So, are we going to have this every third episode or something? I can’t wait to watching the whole episode.

C-Z About Arashi Hey! They added roll cake, red pickled ginger, and… pudding.

And there you have it. Are there salt specialists like this in the U. I created this blog as a fan of Japanese entertainment episove from jpop to dramas to variety shows. Thank you so much for translating this. Variety Shows — 1 Comment. Because they Aiba and Sakurai also talked about their private time, please also look forward to this.

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You are too used to me! What do you suppose the top three are? C-Z About Arashi Hey!