The flashback gives a nice glimpse into the intertwined history of the Thundercats and Mumm-Ra. Come on leave the 80’s cartoons alone. Confused about something, though. Ahhhh it’s a kids cartoon enjoy it Films and specials Theatrical films Batman: So they laid groundwork for stories involving previous kings, and an entire old school era where Thundercats or Cats were working with Mumm Ra. Originally Posted by Steevy Maximus.

Special mention has to be made of the animation in this episode. I’m not sure I’m sold on the transformation sequence itself, it felt overly rushed for such a dramatic game-changer to the ignorant audience. Should be interesting to see what all he can do. Gotham Knight Scooby-Doo! Does look pretty good, and I grew up with the original. I’ll definitely at least tune in to see how it plays out. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page. I’m really hoping that we get see more of whats going on with Cheetara.

Mumm-Ra straight-up gave me nightmares as a kid, but I still rushed home to watch Thundercats and Silver Hawks back-to-back after school.

Thundercats Episode 6 – Journey To The Tower Of Omens Airs Tonight!

Maybe thyndercats doesn’t pertain to you guys but I myself was waiting for something like Megatron’s return in Transformers: We get the long awaited first confrontation between the Thundercats and Tbundercats, and it was really worth the wait. As a ThunderCat and anime fan, that looks awesome! I’m already looking forward to next week’s episode, and well, every episode from here on out, lol. It’s good to see Tygra turn invisible again, or should I say, not see!

It looks as annimeflavor they changed major parts of the story, such as starting out on Thundera. I also want to know how tech-oriented or magic-oriented he is. Ghastly Goals Tom and Jerry: The face on that sliding round door kind of looks like Snarf So, Mumm-Ra and the Cats had an alliance at one point.


He takes out Tygra, who turns invisible and gets in a few more licks before Mumm-Ra tosses him aside again.

Guess that’s not a bad thing. Guardians of Space Gundam Wing Superman: The first two thirds of the episode were absolutely awesome. United States Japan [1]. This episode was a bit of Indiana Jones for my taste. Beast Boy’s a kid. All of that has comic mini-series written all over it. ThunderCats by Tobin xnimeflavor Wolf. Originally Posted by Icespark I think you’re very close.

Originally Posted by Saint Phe Loved it! There was a lot of things I didn’t really care for. Thundercats has kept me hooked since episode one and I don’t see any signs of it letting go. I didn’t get past the first disc. In Wpisode Egypt Cats were worshiped and reveredso Mumm-Ra being an ancient Pharaoh may tie in to their connection.

But, we get it 6 eps in.

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And the Tygra guy was called Tygris. Guess I was wrong about the Thundercats not previously interacting with technology. Does look pretty good, and I grew up with the original. Was really nice to see Tygra using his whip some more. I really liked that Cheetara’s eyes glowed in response to the call! Brotherhood Ghost in the Shell: I think I creeped the Mrs.

Thundercats Episode 6 – Journey To The Tower Of Omens Review

Mumm-Ra turning into his full form was really good. Also I wonder if Cheetara’s eyes lit up because she believes in Lion-O unlike the rest. Review Wow, just Animeflvor. This past episode S2E3 revealing another 1st ainmeflavor YJer alumni and the tragic fate of a last season support character has now given us even MORE questions. I wish I could watch it. So I guess they got some big stuff coming down the pipe.


The Wily kittens are too young. OMG what happened to Panthro?!

The Book of Omens is blank?! Oh well, I will find it online or watch it when it re-reruns. Because of this, Thundera is destroyed, Claudus is killed by Mumm-Ra, and the rest of the Cats are enslaved. I want to see what Mumm-ra is actually capable of!

Slept on it a bit last night and had some more thoughts. Later, she forcefully probes the mind of animelfavor captured Kroletean and uncovers the location of their base. Blue Beetle finds a way to communicate with the Golem, and learns it just wants to stop feeling pain. Is this going to be be prequel or some alternate future??? Much like he did in the original.

Brainiac Attacks Tom and Jerry: The rest of the clerics hide the book and seal themselves away, taking the location to their graves. I’ll definitely at least tune anmieflavor to see how it plays out. The girls arrive in Bialya and after learning that Psimon is active again, they discover a shipment of runaways who are being transported by plane.

They did say in the opening episodes that the book of omens has stories of technology with the cats, but it was nice to see it in action.