Takaba disappointedly lowered his newspaper. The bastard sets an infuriating pace, furthered by manipulation of Akihito’s body as Asami withdraws himself and pays homage to some other part of Akihito before driving himself back into Akihito with even more force than before. The eldest son was sixteen, but also the wing man for when they transfer the merchandise. All his attempts were in vain. I had business to attend to concerning the plans for the evening. These thoughts weren’t running through Aki’s mind without reason, no. It’s my first attempt writing in the Viewfinder fandom, but I couldn’t resist typing up this little tidbit.

Sweat he didn’t even know he had rolled down his face and neck. Hiroshima was mumbling something to the taller man, but Akihito was too far away to get a good look at that guy’s face or to hear what they were saying. But he had hope this time. Not a single word, a sloppy greeting or even the wicked laughter of some kids playing a prank. Set in the last half of The Naked Truth, part 1 chapter 11 of the manga , basically following Akihito’s thoughts throughout. The heart monitor displayed a solid straight line.

Author: Jamaican Princess Rocquellan | FanFiction

Happy Birthday, I’m sorry I wasn’t there to wish you this when you first awoke. Retrospect by sifshadowheart Fandoms: Dramz Special pt 1 Thinking quick on his feet, he saw a pile of large cardboard boxes near one of the alleys and dived in. My belly is empty, therefore it needs to be filled with food.


I own none of her characters akihitl make no money from this fan fiction. If there is one thing I like is to read between the lines so I try to put as much as I can in my writing The day his dearest one was taken away from him.

Please behave yourself until Asami-Sama returns,” He akiihito as he reached for the door, turning his head to give aaami boy one of his very rare smiles, “And happy birthday. He absentmindedly picked up his bagel slathered with mango cream cheese and took a bite.

The paper soon ended up crumpled in Aki’s hands as his cheeks blushed over in drwma strawberry red. It would be so cool if I could take pictures of incriminating moments notorious crime leaders get themselves into. He had to gather courage to run. Just In All Stories: Story Author Community Forum. They could have changed. I can imagine our sweet reunion. Post a new comment Error. Not a single word, a sloppy greeting or even the wicked laughter of some kids playing a prank.

That was until he saw the headlines for that day. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Over the past few weeks he had just been without his usual energy, and had been falling asleep earlier and sleeping in later and later every day it seemed. In the center of the table there was an elegant bouquet of flowers consisting primarily of white roses and blue hydrangeas.

All gunned down efficiently in their beds. Instead of knocking, Takaba threw the door open and bounded right into the room.


Finder Series, M, English, Romance, words: Is there something I should pay attention to? The boys were worse. So in return Akihito decided to do the same. I love she wrote the letter in red ink.

Not when he was actually very excited for today. He loosened the top buttons of dramaa plain shirt, allowing some fresh air to brush over his now exposed collarbone.

Rebirth:Redemption [Viewfinder Fanfic] Chapter 2

Blowing another puff of smoke, he gathers the pictures up again. He ran for what seemed like hours, the blood thumping loudly in his ears as he navigated the twists and turns of the neighborhood, trying to lose the three suits chasing after him.

These thoughts circling in his head, just when he’s at the edge of orgasm, and Asami begins to draw himself out once again, Akihito can’t take it anymore. Akihito had gotten over the biggest tragedy in his life and lived on. It was tender and delicate, afraid she might break with the slightest contact.

He slightly nodded with his head as a signal for his employee to continue the message.