The show, later on, focuses on the life of young Ashoka getting guidance from Chanakya who helps Ashoka against all obstacles. It’s been a wonderful journey”. Later on, both fall in love and Kaurwaki takes him to a temple and she ties a sacred thread around his hand, as a symbol of her love for him and her wish to be accepted as his wife, but Ashoka never realizes it. She eats a red chilli when he is not looking at her. Amatya assures him about Ashoka. Retrieved 17 January Amatya talks about money. Thank you very much for providing fast and accurate updates.

Luvvvvv u Ashok and everyone who are part of cast and crew because of all the hard work in their productions. It is a tributary of Yamuna to the east of Charmanvati , yet another tributary of Yamuna. Bindusara’s third wife Noor betrays him and married Justin the same day when Bishara married Dharma. Later, the marriage preparations of Ashoka and Kaurwaki begin. At the time of marriage, Ashoka comes to know about this and breaks the marriage with Kaurwaki and in a fit of rage injures Jagannath with a dagger. Please help me in reaching Kichak.

Nice episode feeling sad 4 ashok kaurvki bht selfish hai….

Siyamak also joined in this mission as he believed that his dear ones Justin and Noor had died due to Chanakya. Retrieved 3 Oct Also there, he meets Kalinga’s Princess Kaurwaki, forms a unique bond of friendship. Anyways thank you Pooja?? Sushim unknown episodes Prinal Oberoi She lies she is feeling very restless.

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I’d recommend that people watch this historical drama for Siddharth Nigam and the special effects of the show.


Bindusara’s third wife Noor betrays him and married Justin the same day when Bishara married Dharma. Casf was kaichaks wife present there or his sister?????? Ashoka did not follow Bindusara’s orders.

Tell me the reason. Madhvi drops the grinder she is holding.

Siamak 1 episode, Justin unknown episodes Preet Kaur Madhan It makes me believe that everything will get fine in the end. Did you see a bad dream? Retrieved 23 January Kichaka once saw Malini and madly desired to enjoy her beauty, but she refused. He pays money to Agnibau.

Thank you very much for providing fast and accurate updates.

She rushes out from there. This is a proof that Magadh Samrat has sent someone here to Takshshila. Amatya turns to Ashoka. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat makes an impressive debut on Colors: But when he saw arrow coming then he took little side his head.

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It is mentioned that kicjak city named Vetrakiya a city on the banks of river Vetravati, the modern-day river Betwa was the capital of this kingdom. In these years, Dharma too has turned clever and bold enough to face internal politics.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Meanwhile, Chanakya along with Radhagupta and his other disciples are busy in protecting the throne of Magadha from the evil and corrupt practices done by Helena and sistr other enemies of Magadha and Chanakya’s oath of protecting ashooa motherland forever created hindrance in the way of Helena; who at last created a plot to kill Chanakya.

Mehar 15th Jan – Like 0 Siwter 0. Vetravati is believed to be same as the river Suktimati on the banks of which lay the Chedi capital Suktimati. This section needs to be expanded to include brief character descriptions not just family trees as well as real-world context about casting, departures, etc. I am your Rani. The Times of India. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references.


Impressed by her skills, Bindusara falls in love and marries her. Ashok is finding Kaurvaki, he recalls his fights, her care for him, he says i wanted to tell sistef everything Karvaki, i wanted to give you trust that all are not same in Magadh and that my father doesnt do anything wrong but my mission was more important to me, i fulfilled it but i didnt want to hurt you, just come infront of me once and see in my eyes, you will trust my truth, Ashok and Kaurvaki are standing on opposite side of walls.

Retrieved 21 Nov Manoj Joshi, aka Chanakya, Sacked or Quit”. They fight with one another for throne. Some believe that the village named Ekachakraor kaiwara where the Pandavas finally settled after the escape from the murder-attempt, belonged to the kingdom of Kichaka. She runs out, avoiding all the soldiers that come her way.