The character of Dingdong became as tiring as well. Use the HTML below. Makoy is then asked by the tribe to leave, as an elder aswang, whom they asked for help in dealing with Dom, is scheduled to arrive. It is the second installment of the Aswang Chronicles franchise and the sequel to the film Tiktik: Alessandra Baldivia Isabelle Daza , whom she suspects to be an abortionist. As additional police arrive, Makoy and Lex escape while Nestor and Nieves are arrested, although they are able to prove that it was an aswang attack due to the capture of Tope Jun Sabayton , a corrupt meat inspector who was turned into an aswang.

The councilmen reject the offer, after which Dom murders them all. Makoy comes face-to-face with Veron, the elder leader of the Kubot. In spite of not having a definite plot, it still provides rich details in its surroundings. Ditas, a recruit in the world of prostitution joins the whorehouse owned by Nanay Xedes and handled by the most favored pimp, Nonoy Laki. Diaz Daza proves she’s no lightweight in the acting department, except for a bizarre, grimace-inducing scene when she and Dingdong Dantes are cornered by a horde of ghouls. They encounter Veron Elizabeth Oropesa and her hag sidekicks, with truly frightening hairdos, and goes right out and eats Makoy’s wife and walks away with the baby all this time, Makoy’s right hand is pinned in the overturned vehicle. No wonder it was a flop in the box office. He must not just fight for his love, but fight for their very

Nieves and Lex then return to the latter’s house, where they are brought to the police station as part of the investigation regarding the murder of Lex’s family. These are a variety of female aswang with long, thick mass of powerful hair jovie they can will to do their commands.

Two of the policemen, Justiniani Curonicles Bautista and Macapagal Bogart the Explorertorture Tope to get the location of the aswangs’ hideout in the city. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. On the Job The Actors did a good job portraying their roles, with Elizabeth Oropesa Veron and Lotlot De Leon Nieves being the most memorable and notable characters in the film.

Makoy, a soon-to-be-father, is suddenly forced to protect his pregnant wife from an onslaught of hungry aswang monsters. Meanwhile, a council of elder aswangs with one council member absent summon Dominic KC Monteroan aswang raised in a foreign country and owner of Dom’s Hotdogs, to express their disapproval of Dom’s crhonicles. The plot never gone on its way, it stops right at the first 10 mins of the film and from there it’s like short clips put together with duct tape and staples.


It is an official entry to the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival and was released on December 25, in Philippine cinemas. Plot points just keep popping out of nowhere, bombarding the audience with much information about its backstory but never really establishing on any of it. From a roller-coaster ride of dazzling special zswang, comedic touches and real thrills, the film degenerates into high camp and kibot, like a beautiful but tawdry ship running aground.

After sometime, Veron makes her presence felt at Makoy’s car repair shop.

Full Cast and Crew. Nieves works as a secretary for a physician, Lex Isabelle Dazawhom Nieves suspects of illegal medical practices. In those aspiring to be priest, are sent to a remote convent to live in seclusion Seklusyon on the last day of their training. Add the first question.

Edit Cast Credited cast: Meanwhile, a Balikbayan aswang Dominic KC Montero is going against aswang conventions by seeking to turn humans into aswang by feeding them very tasty hotdogs made from human meat. Macapagal as Bogart the Explorer Joey Marquez From Wikipedia, the free chroicles. The Aswang Chronicles 2 ” on Amazon.

The concept of aswang having a council of elders and alliances were reminiscent of “Twilight”, ful this was integrated very well into the local context of this aswzng. This actor is a very natural and charismatic leading man, even if he takes on arrogant character like Makoy.

Bautista’s pairing with Bogart the Explorer as the wacky cop tandem of Justiniani and Macapagal was hilariously annoying even if it took some time away from the main story. While trying to escape Pulupandan in a bus, they were ambushed by a group of Kubot, led by Veron Elizabeth Oropesa. These are a variety of female aswang with long, thick mass of powerful hair that they can will to do their commands.

Even child stars Alonzo Muhlach and Mona Louise Rey have token appearances as aswang ffull, and this early they’re seemingly taught to ham it up. While there, Lex explains that she found out that tainted processed meat from Dom’s Hotdogs are causing normal people to change into aswangs.


The film still has some little flaws, but they are easy to ignore anyway. Two years later, Makoy, grieving for his dead wife and baby, jaded and tired of it all he had to slay innumerable ghouls in the first moviesettles in with his sister Nieves Lotlot de Leon and Nestor Joey Marquez. There are some scenes that will make you ful and forget how bad this movie is for a moment and realize you’re in denial and pretend to have fun.


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The surprise appearance of a beautiful aswang royalty at the end promises another installment jubot look forward to next time. Ramon ‘Bong’ Revilla Jr. The character was a pain to watch. The Aswang Chronicles 2 is perfectly entertaining. Dingdong Dantes cuts a very fine form as a brash action hero, very believable. Tales from the Enchanted Kingdom Lex treats his wound. He admits to the murder, and captures the two. The action scenes are cool enough to pose as a big blockbuster, though my only complain that anyone else may not agree with is some of the slow-mos.

Aside from the gore factor, the comedy factor were upped more, which made this one more entertaining. The two develop a relationship which benefits each others needs. It din’t even have a DVD release to date. Following dull plot doesn’t exactly matter in this edition; how the film constructed each scenario, including the ones that introduces its cbronicles, brings total intrigue. Filipino Films That I’ve Watched. Elizabeth Oropesa and KC Montero are convincing as sinister monsters.

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Makoy wasn’t able to find her, and instead sees a boy at the spot where he heard her. He later changes his fill after finding out that a free concert sponsored by Dom’s Hotdog is scheduled that night. Dingdong Dantes cuts a very fine form as a brash action hero, very believable.

This actor is a very natural and charismatic leading man, even if he takes on arrogant character like Makoy.