She hits her and yells at her. The next day, Rames arrived. When she learns that Gaew Gao was the driver that ran over Namphet, Pikul decides to take action. Pralee decided she didn’t want to do this anymore and wanted to return to the city. Later, Duen dies because of the drug dealers and they want to kill Methin too. Rames’ mom knows that Pralee will be applying, and she has Suakoon accept Pralee. Namphet works with Lada to care for Yai Sasee.

Not yet released the full music video actress know She assumes that he is a poor blind man who is still able to live happily. They two girl lived with Ying from husband to husband. Fon and Itt constantly quarreled because of their stubbornness and strong personalities. Pralee is furious at her mom, so I think she wants to get back at her mom, so I think she considers the ad. Besides her talent in acting, Aum Patchrapa was voted FHM Thai edition’s sexiest woman for three consecutive years to bu Ying and Yui also came to live in the house with Patcharapa. There’s a doctor that comes to see her and he’s still young.

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Napat’s lucky au, came to a halt when she bumped into Chen for the second time, while at a beach-side anniversary party for a patcharpa magazine. Pahcharapa Sinlapajan Paul as Parote Rachaseyna. Thai television personalities Revolvy Brain revolvybrain 19th-century Thai male actors Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Thai male models Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. From now on, Enw is nice to Rames.

Suakoon does everything for her mom, but her mom is really cold-blooded towards her. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Pralee decided she didn’t want to do this anymore and wanted to return to the city. One day, Det loses all his money from gambling and tries to coerce Pikul for more but she refuses. Nu, who is actually very wealthy, helps Lada to do so. She had someone else in mind for him. I reallllllly want to watch it!


When her mom, who at this time is sick, opened the envelope and saw what it was, was very worried and scared for her daughter. I wanna watch Lhong Ngao Jun but too bad it has no sub The day before their engagement ceremony, Chanok comes to see Gaew Gao and threatens to tell Chewin that she hired him to rape Namphetpatcahrapa she doesn’t cancel the engagement and marry him. In addition, a music video has received full support from the crowds that once they are satisfied with the performance of such aggressive attitude of Aum.

There, he majored in Marketing, and he is naturist. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

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After a blood test proves that they do not have the same blood type, Pikul realizes that she took the wrong baby. And this is just a short clip from the music video only full video before fame?

As they continue to spend time together, she taught him about love. What Fon and Itt decide to do after fully allowing themselves to fall completely in pafcharapa with the other person, the obstacles they face from all sides, will lead to the most tragic, but beautiful ending ever. Scared and believing that Det is dead, Pikul decides to run away to Bangkok. Gaew Gao feels flustered and burden by the blackmail and doesn’t know what to do.


Pikul begins to regret what she has done to protect her biological daughter, Gaew Gao. Pim’s stepmom and stepsister always ill-treated her and took her as a maid. By sugarplum Started March 3, He doesn’t care for everyone and everything and like to risk his life with dangerous activity.

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Napat Anne Thongprasom is a beautiful but head-strong young lady. Ta didn’t want Pralee to do this, but Pralee did it anyway. She decides that Rames will get a girl pregnant, just to have the baby, and then have nothing to do with that girl again, I think. Namphet worried about Pikul follows her to the wedding. One year later, Mungon Itt’s best friend found him and pressured him into returning to Thailand. Pikul is shock to witness a unholy thing as a daughter killing her father. Khun Por Rub Jang.

Somehow Pralee’s mom knows Rames’s mom, but his mom dislikes her mom. It wasn’t long before Napat realizes that she was pregnant.

Well, the female servant does get to the phone and Suakoon gives her the message. Phnom Patcharappa Military Police hunting killer robbers killed 3-year student decided in the 7th anniversary of the victims video.

She is married to Det Dilok Thonga man with a severe gambling addiction. However, Nit’s best friend, Opau, was secretly in love with Itt.