Praveen reminds him by saying dharam patni, and Motabhai is like haan woh. She adresses sab like dadimaa, Papa, Praveen kaka. Leela also agrees with Baa, and Gudiya tells Leela to stay chup as Leela had already soured her heart toward Rimjhim before going to meet them. Motabhai asks what is that, and Rimjhim explains how they say love you etc. Notify user via Email. Then Gudiya tells him to kiss her forehead everyday, and ask Waheguru for a son. Then he leaves, and Hemal goes back to kiss her forhead. Praveen comes back, and says he can’t get a hold of Pranjpaye.

Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. Praveen says yes, and that some games are not played for fun and some do give pain. Finally Meenakshi comes, and Leela says she told her to get Gudiya iron. He says that all of them have kids each; even Hemal who is chota. The girl is like no, and that she is a salesgirl. Also to come and say sorry to her daddy too, ok?

Gudiya says this time ki ji? Then Rimjhim says she loves bbaby Jigu a lot, and she will be in misery. Baa says that Leela is also baade baap ki, but she showed no disrespect, and Gudiya is like oh yeah. Praveen says that he put in notes of 10s and 2s. Rimjhim in pure Hindi talks about how she will take over Jigar ki responsibility. She says look at Gattu he needed a place, and when Baby gave him that he went to ninni. Baa chups her, and tells Meenakshi to stand chup kar ke for a bit lol.

Episode #1.143

Arvind, Pravin, Hemal, Subodh decide to assist family ladies in beauty contest, while Subodh and Hemal convinces Pravin to sponsor Saree for the contest. Lucky and Sonali come running to Baa, Meenakshi, and Baby that everyone is back home. Video was deactivated by our moderator. Praveen says he is, and that the money is just not coming out of his pocket.


Leela says to forget this rishta, and go live her life etc. He says a couple after marriage becomes parents, but he became a father before marriage to his siblings.

Leela comes out of her dream, and Gudiya guesses she’s thinking of Rimjhim.

Leela is like fine, but what will they do now; she takes a canister and it bangs loudly. Gattu asks if he should get them, and Leela says yes go them. The men and Baa are gathering for breakfast, with the women in the kitchen.

Then she yaads about the electricity line, and asks him who was behind him there ji. Baa asks Motabhai to tell her what episde going on, and Leela asks if Baa doesnt trust her words. So Mehul read them to everyone, well just to all the kids ji. Leela, Motabhai, Baa, and Meenakshi are in the hall ji.

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby 1x –

He tells Jigar to eplsode ninni theek se, and he’ll go get himself in b. Someone who looks like Meenakshi’s bhabhi hands Gattu over a basket, and tells him to take care of it. In it is a small newborn baby.

Baa asks ke kya hua, and the women say kuch nahi. Baa says even Leela was from baade ghar, but after marriage Baa not only gave Motabhai to her but the whole family too. Meenakshi says she brought it, and takes out a pressing iron. She tells Jigar is one in a million, and she’ll say Rimjhim toh Rimjhim. Leela says no na, that only she knows her Jigar’s favorites.

Baby tells him about a place in New Jersey.

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby season 1 episode 143

Bwa says what if Gudiya has a son, and Gattu says he will name him Royal Faluda; the other 2 laugh. He then pretends not to hear her, and puts the phone down ji.


Report Detail Video contains prohibited content. He says he is only 30 mins late, and had told Jigar who says he told Praveen. He goes off to play.

Baa Bahu Aur Baby: Baa Bahu Aur Baby {Written Updates, Links to Video Updates, Pictures, etc},

Video file is corrupt and is not playable. Praveen then goes to his room gusse se, that he can’t handle this. Baa is tickling Baby in bed, and calling Baby her ladli bachchi. Leela and Motabhai are at the hospital discussing about the shagun. Praveen goes to get more clothes, and Shipa asks Gattu ke why Biryani. Leela says and Meenakshi starts her hand actionske after so many years this is coming out; she runs away so does Meenakshi.

Baa and Praveen look at each other, and Baa tells him that only baade will be going.

He decides to call her Gattuki. Birju had such abhimaan in his eyes, and Tayimaa called to tell Baa that Baby is their amaanat at Baa’s house. Baa opens her arms to Baby, and Baby goes to her godi. Gudiya tells him to call her Gurinder now, as Gudiya will be for their daughter. epiwode

Leela is like what arre wah, and Motabhai is like I mean arre no.