Later, the family goes shopping and Vibhor’s relative chooses a saree that has already been chosen by Reeti. Vibhor is pleased to hear from his grandfather and makes effort to mingle into this culture although he is not at all used to it. Reeti recognizes Hanuman Prasad’s family at the store and immediately rushes out of the store along with her sister. However the ‘puja’ is carried forward after the families calm down. At the same time, Reeti’s younger sister is trying to contact her but fails. Rajeev on the other hand meets his parents who only seem to be greedy for Reeti’s wealth and Rajeev too, whose aim is to build a hospital, seems happy learning of how wealthy Reeti is. How will the two families sharing a bitter past agree for this marriage? But they all listen to the guests speaking to each other, as they sense something wrong going on and Vibhor’s grandmother intervenes to settle the situation.

Vibhor gets furious with Rajeev when he realizes that Rajeev is doubting Reeti and calling her characterless for no valid cause and he decides to opt out from helping his friend anymore. Will Sitaram agree to listen to Reeti? But Reeti this time does not keep silent and explains that he too will have to bear the brunt for all the wrong he is doing. While she is searching for it, Vibhor picks up the anklet and apologizes to her for Bilasi’s behaviour. While she is in her car, Vibhor calls her and asks to meet her on urgent basis. She understands that Vibhor’s family is not happy with the marriage and pleads with her mother to stop the marriage, but Indira supports her husband’s decision and is certain that Reeti’s marriage with Vibhor will prove to be a success. Meanwhile, the entire Poddar family is waiting for Vibhor and as soon as he arrives, his father slaps him. Seeing Vibhor furious with his father, his mother Prabha clarifies to him that his father has not decided to get him married to Reeti and instead his father had decided to give away sixty percent of the business in order to save it from falling flat completely.

Vibhor learns that Sitaram wants him to marry his daughter Reeti in return for the help he will be providing to the family by rescuing their business. Meanwhile, Reeti’s parents meet her and are wondering what Rajeev has got to say about her, just then they see Vibhor and decide to find out about Rajeev’s opinion from him. Dekhi Nahi Kahi Shows. How will the two families sharing a bitter past agree for this marriage?

Later, the family goes shopping and Devrabi relative chooses a saree that has already been chosen by Reeti. Reeti feels upset when she learns that Vibhor is not Rajeev, the person she was supposed to meet in Macau for their probable marriage in the future.


Will Poddars end up losing their business finally? He finally manages to have a look at the girl and is mesmerized by Reeti’s beauty. Just then, Sitaram reaches the scene and intervenes when he sees his daughter being insulted. Badii Devrani – Episodes He creates a scene by pouring a pot of water into himself and announcing that he is not married anymore. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. His father later shows him a photograph where it looks like Vibhor is touching Bad feet.

Badii Devrani – | Watch Badii Devrani (Hindi) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

He goes on to call himself the dog of the house and claims that he has been insulted by the family as they had agreed to Vibhor’s marriage with Reeti. The story explores the relationship between the Reeti and Vibhor belonging to families who are bitter enemies due to a dark incident in their past getting married due to a twist of fate.

However the ‘puja’ is carried forward after the families calm down. He shouts at her and accuses her of making attempts to trap him.

Will Hanuman Prasad’s problem regarding his shop come episdoe an end? Meanwhile, Vibhor’s father is upset that he had slapped Vibhor and understands that Vibhor cares a lot for his father. But seeing Vibhor’s fallen face, Hanuman Prasad decides to let Vibhor go to Macau epixode rest of the family.

Rajeev drops ice-cream on his shoes on purpose and asks him to clean it and Reeti does it. Vibhor once again notices the blue ‘dupatta’ and is eager to have a glimpse of the girl. How will Hanuman Prasad deal with this matter? Reeti’s younger sister is not happy with her father’s behaviour but Reeti decides to eoisode her complete trust in her father and agrees to reach the airport to leave for Jaipur.

He later announces to all that he will find a righteous man within ten days for his daughter. Reeti’s parents are left shocked when Vibhor leaves their room after revealing to them about Rajeev and his family. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Meanwhile, the stage is set for Reeti’s marriage bqdi begin and she is taken by surprise when she sees Vibhor and his entire family at the venue.

Will Sitaram agree to listen to Reeti? They learn that Hanuman Cevrani is asked to pay money for the showroom that is rendered illegal and they also find out that Hanuman Prasad is being forced to break his fixed deposit.

Meanwhile, Reeti by mistake enters Vibhor’s room and seeing Rajeev approaching towards them, Vibhor hides her in the washroom. At the same time, Reeti’s younger sister is trying to contact her but fails.


The rituals where both the families are supposed to exchange the hadi begins, and both Reeti and Vibhor are seated face to face.

Will Reeti and Vibhor cross paths during their visit to Macau? At the same time, Reeti is confused learning that Ghanshyam has rejected her marriage proposal.

Badi Devrani Full Episode – 13th November – Serial Telecast | Watch Full Episode Online

As the new day dawns, Bilasi continues to behave in an arrogant manner and goes to the extent of asking Vibhor for his friends number, who is an artist.

He later reaches home and ignores his father.

Sitaram later reaches home and Reeti’s younger sister finds out about the scene the Poddar family had created in Macau. Badii Devrani is the story of Vibhor who belongs to a culturally rich joint family of gold merchants, baid Reeti who too belongs to a loving family who are trying their best to get her married.

Meanwhile, Vibhor’s father is in tears as he looks at the eepisode that he had got from the land on which the Poddar family’s jewellery shop had been constructed. The cooking competition soon begins and Bilasi’s daughter-in-law Kajal is confident that she will win the competition.

Sitaram leaves his home and informs his wife that he needs to find a suitable husband for epiisode daughter immediately. Kedar Chand, who wants to replace the board on the shop with another board that has his name on it, is certain that the court will pass the judgement in his favour and agrees to meet them there.

Hanuman Prasad agrees to let Vibhor leave for Macau for the wedding and Vibhor gets excited about it. He calls him outside and accuses him of behaving like a dual-faced person.

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Later, a relative tries to create differences between Prabha and Kaushalya but the two of them remain united as always. Later, Indira speaks to her husband and explains that they should not be going for the community function as Poddar family will be there too. While Vibhor’s family seems to be strictly following the culture to such an extent that Vibhor is forced to hide in a room even to have a sip of cold drink, Reeti’s family have no such rule and instead believe in moving ahead with time.

Will Ghanshyam agree to let his son marry Reeti for the sake of their family business?