In winters, he wore a sweater under his kuna and a cloak on top. Janab Shahidullah Sahib and Farooq had also arrived there from Bahawalpur. Nor were his friendships ephemeral. One of the points raised was that he was, at the time of decision, staying in the house of one of the parties and that party was favoured. When inflicted by Allah, a suffering becomes a beneficence, and an apparent ease, a hindrance. And yet, they used to get cured. The Prophet asked him again to take more honey. He used clogs at the time of wudhu.

Wherever he was, he read the Times of India along with the local papers. The result was that those weaknesses disappeared without bitter medication of any sort. He would thus receive a reward equal to a thousand acts of obedience, to be written into the list of his good deeds and he would then have a high place in the other world. The answer is that the height of achievement is to remain immersed in God and yet to do His bidding and to act in every way under instructions from him. His other writings, in English and in Urdu have een published as Mazameen-i-Zauqj. Verbal training depends on many factors.

For the sake of a flower the thorns too have to be watered.

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Kaliyar Sharif He was then ordered to undertake an attended tour, including forty days in Kaliyar. Later, a number of Chishtiya personalities were behind Alauddin Khilji and other conquerors, amongst whom Khwajah Shamsuddin Turk was a prominent personality. When the dream was related to him, he said that the station was Pakpattan itself. The Prophet told him to take episkde but the next day he again appeared and said that his condition had worsened.

The unlocking of the door of the mazar by itself. An impotent person cannot attain the eepisode of wilayatzs he has lost his natural powers. The earlier ones arc called Hijabat-i-zulmati veils of darkness.


Hazrat was once in Ahmadabad when it occurred to him warc meet Mr. He stayed in Multan for some time and resided in the khanqah of Bahauddin Zakaria. When you reach the stage where you are able to appreciate such matters, you will yourself be able to see the difference. He went to a saraiwhere onlyfaqirs were staying and he distributed two-anna bits among the faqirs. Each hidden inner meaning has a further meaning hidden in it and that too has a further inner meaning.

Khilafat of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz.

It is the last, most complete and the latest Book on the subject of Divine Rules. In spite of being with the world so much, he had no time for the love of the world or for position.

This is a pointless objection. Epsode the knowledgeable persons know the real secret that, in order that the boy may start to dislike the habit, the buzurg had to create the same dislike within himself so that he could then transfer that state to the boy.

This is what Maulana Rumi meant when he said: There is nothing to be further attained till when what is taken in is digested.

He wore a pocket watch at first and later a wrist watch. His beard was thick and round, white like his brows and the hair on the head. Man should drink and remain un- intoxicatcd, as then progress stops. There was no sadness or fear in his character. This particular knowledge can be transferred only from heart to heart without the intervention of words.

Hazrat was reading a book when he remarked bsi3at wajd trance is a great feat for a beginner but that it is a fault in one who eipsode attained perfection.

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That was agreed to. But godly persons do not pay any attention to such feats. Here Jungli Shah, a sincere pir bhaiy passed away in hospital on Friday 26th January He never waved his hands about nor did he voice any utterances or slogans, and he would remain silent.


Hazrat told him that it would be alright if he said his namaz even without wudhu but that he should not miss saying his namaz. Haqqulyaqin has the same result where Divine personality is concerned. Tarawibs were held at home, and throughout the day he kept busy with recitation of Qur’an and the kalimah. Reality of Man There arc many aspects that ought to be known of Man. It was not his nature to flit from one thing to another. They represent what he wrote rom time to time on religious and political matters in various 44 magazines and newspapers.

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He used to reply to almost every letter he received, and sometimes maintained copies of his replies. It was rumoured in Ajmer that Hazrat was killed so that Anwar rushed to Bombay he was wakil at the darjah. He went to Nandarbar at night where a number of persons also entered the silsila. Doing justice to food meant that the food taken should be in appropriate quantities and should be digested through more spiritual exercises.

This dream made it clear that his death was near.

This is called sobriety amidst storms of intoxication. Truth is obtained either through reflection from the hearts of the knowledgeable or through ilham and ilqa directly from God. If He desires that we go to Hell, we shall do so willingly.