Max resets are 30, after 30 reset you do a Grand Reset, after grand reset stats goes back to 50! Added option to reset 4th class: Hello Global Mu Online players, new X50 low rate server will be opened 7. Some classes are just build for good farming, some for PVP. Hello global mu online players, new Season 12 server will be opened on 8. Media Overview Setting Starter Guide. This server is for you!

Run launcher Play Globalmu. Mu Online maintenance to prepare for x server launch is done!!! So you will need few GR to be able to level up 3rd and 4th master skill tree! Hello Global Mu Online players, new no reset server are coming Global MU Video creation event! Happy holidays and happy new year!!! Server grand opening 1.

New custom mu online antihack NSE have been added to our server!

Added option to reset 4th class: New patch is recommenced to download! Support Overview Setting Starter Guide. We are still working on PVP.

RUUD Cherry boxes drops zen! PVP settings are still adjusted.

Mu Online – GlobalMu Season 13Ep1

Now to warp you must level up first regular level, to go to top maps. Join facebook share event HERE1x baixat and get credits before opening!

Secret spots with good mobs, not show on minimap! Hello, we have made new updates on globalmu servers! This server is for you! High ancient drops on all maps. All monsters starting from Tarkan2 is boosted in damage, defense and hp, which means you will need at lest few resets or good party to conquer medium and top level maps. Server x was made to be even more easy and fun to play! To play the game download new client or patch from Muellfire mu online downloads.


Mu-Hobby DL Wings & Legendary Set (NEW Version)

Gaixar updates have been applied to all servers! Monsters are slightly increased in power, get max stats to kill TOP Bosses! New updates for Global mu online server!

Fixed formulas for PoisonArrow Fixed selection of items do not auto-stack Fixed reflect value does not show in C window Fixed issue with negative Ruud Fixed dark raven visual bug Fixed issue with combo skill after use of Potion of Soul Fixed Seed of Earth Increase vitality option issue Fixed Chaos Combination failure issue Fixed a scenario when it was possible to blink all duel seaason without active duels Fixed Quest Exp Reward type not properly awarded in selected quests Refferals system have been removed: Refferals system have been removed: PVP are made for maximum stats and with best gear and wings!

Create video 30seconds – 3minutes, it mjhellfire be about anything killing bosses, leveling up, events, PVP upload to youtube and post in description: To do so run Play GlobalMu. Hello, our antihack have been updated!


Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages, each class has its own settings for defense and damage, dont expect all classes to do the same damage, speed and defenses! To become one of the team, send emails to support mail.

Muhellfire download

Top videos will be added on globalmu video page as well! Server have moved to new hosting. Hello Global Mu Online players, new no reset server are coming Hello Global MuOnline players! Sell your items for Wcoins in game enabled in devias only. Global MU Gaixar creation event!

Updated Game Client version, to connect to server you need to download new patch patch to play game run Play GlobalMu. So you will need few GR to be able to level up 3rd and 4th master skill tree!

You need new patch to connect to our server!