Whatever Happen to Billy Whatsisname? Part 2 When a supernatural creature kidnaps Billy and Mandy, Grim must decide if he’d rather rescue his “Friends” or just relax in a lawn chair. When Billy hangs out at Irwin’s house, he finds a living mummy in the bathroom. One of Grim’s arms gets into a stew and when Sperg is immersed in it, the mix cures completely his acne, but it also erases his nose and mouth. Mandy is not allowed on the team, as Billy is reluctant to let girls play, although he does not realize Mindy is a girl too. The ghost of Lord Byron helps Billy to become the coolest kid in school.

In “Toys Will Be Toys”, Billy is forced to give up his favorite toys, the Dinobonoids action figures, but first, he persuades Grim to bring his toys to life, so he can play with them one last time. Billy reverts to his normal size too, but he stays trapped inside the box in which the action figures came. Minor characters that would later recur are Judge Roy Spleen, and Irwin’s paternal grandmother whom he calls “Grandmama”. Thinking that the world is chaotic enough as it is, Eris, the goddess of chaos, decides to quit chaos to work at a hamburger restaurant. There was an error trying to load your ‘seen’ titles. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The stories presented are varied, including Billy becoming the superhero the Green Squeaker, having the power of being green, squeaking when he moves, and shooting yogurt from his armpits; and Hoss Delgado, spectral exterminator and Odin , Thor , and other Norse gods, who battle against Billy in Valhalla; Eris and the Apple of Discord.

Mandy visits the old haunted house down the street, which nobody has emerged from in years. Eris, the goddess of chaos, is behind the toys, which mind-control the children into creating chaos. In part one, Billy and Mandy return to the school of sorcery to protect Bioly from the evil Lord Moldybutt.

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After Billy’s baseball team loses badly against Mindy’s, Grim decides to coach them. His body lives it up while his head ends up down and out. The battle results in them being fused together into an amorphous mass and, with an evil grin on her face, Eris decides to offer the apple to Irwin too. Grim tells them to do whatever they want, but to be back at 5 o’clock, when the portal to the dinbonoids world opens.


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They dress up as clowns in an attempt to look harmless. After being bullied again by Sperg, Billy asks Grim to shrink him to enter Mandy’s head to steal her ” nerve “.

When a doctor is unable to cure Sperg of his severe case of acneSperg goes to see a fortune teller that deals with skin problems. Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, dinobooids, it all backfires on them. Seeing as Irwin gets nervous, and as Billy has never met Irwin’s mother, he suspects she is the mummy.

When Billy and Mandy have a brief fight, Billy says he never wants to speak to Mandy again. In “Substitute Teacher”, Nergal Junior’s first day at his cousin Billy’s school results in him being bullied by Sperg, so he transforms into Ms.

In “The Incredible Shrinking Mandy” Billy uses the scythe to shrink Mandy, but messes up and she mnady to grow instead. Billy does find money under his pillow, while the aged Tooth Fairy watches through the window.

Billy’s dad recounts Billy’s life from his birth until he met Mandy and explains that Billy is not dumb, but actually a genius with a certified “Honorary Genius Degree”. It is quite evident to Grim that Billy’s problem is his equally dumb father.

In “Skarred for Life”, Bunny Island has been bought out, so General Skarr moves to Endsville, where Billy idiotically tells him of the power of Grim’s scythe, so Skarr seeks to own it for himself.

Mandy and Grim go searching for him, while dinobonoidss Viking wearing Billy’s shirt remains at his house as a substitute.

In “Skeletons In the Water Closet”, Billy’s overprotective mom discovers the Grim Reaper sleeping in her son’s room and panic ensues, particularly when Billy’s dad doesn’t see Grim and is convinced that his wife has cracked. Billy falls in love with Blandy, who is really in love with Grim. Grim is annoyed by Billy who thinks that a shadow is following him.

The entire effort is revealed to be a trap laid by Lubbermouth, a female worm-like creature from Grim’s past who has a major crush on Grim, who wishes to free herself from the curse of guarding the Secret. Will Mandy make it out alive?

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One night a strange odor travels through the city, prompting the noses of all the people, including Billy’s, to follow it. Billy decides to confront Mandy before she eats him! Part 2 When a supernatural creature kidnaps Billy and Mandy, Grim must decide if he’d rather rescue his “Friends” or just relax in a lawn chair. Billy, Mandy, and Grim go searching for the Eplsode Sailor to retrieve the antidote before Billy eats himself completely.


In “Hog Wild”, Billy’s flagrant disregard of the rules lands him in deep trouble when he messes with his father’s dinobinoids motorcycle, which he has been forbidden to touch.

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She entrusts Grim the Apple of Discord to watch over for her, nilly he seals in his old trunk. In “My Peeps”, Billy’s eyesight is faltering and he needs corrective laser surgery to fix the problem, which he doesn’t really care for. In “The Secret Decoder Ring”, Billy finds a decoder ring in his cereal box which he tries to use to find the secret of the universe. It is later confirmed that Irwin’s mother is in fact the mummy, but no further explanation is given as to how Irwin’s family works or how he was conceived.

This season marks the first appearance of the three nerds of the Secret Snake Club, a school club dedicated to snakes and their dark supernatural abilities.

Billy’s mom returns, bent on taking vengeance on Grim. Billy, Mandy and Grim exit the house unharmed, but Tom misses his opportunity to escape and is left behind again. Retrieved from ” https: In “Attack of the Clowns”, Grim and Mandy try their darnedest mnady force Billy to get over his fear of clowns, which they think is irrational.

When Sperg finds out that the only cure for his acne is the touch of Grim’s arm. This page was last edited on 20 Februaryat After Billy swallows the raw nerve, a polyp -like organism, Mandy becomes timid and scared of everything while Billy becomes tough and mean.