Dan Schneider created by , Christopher J. Sam creates a distraction by faking an injury, and Dice tries to steal the lamp. Sam Puckett Ariana Grande What if a kid decided to ride roller coasters all day long every day? Can I have a word with you back there, please? The two argue about which girl he meant, and decide to make their next appointment a competition to see which of the two is the better babysitter, with the winner getting the master bedroom. Where are we going?

Cat invents a holiday called “Yay Day” so she can buy gifts for and receive gifts from everyone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cat’s audition to appear in a Peezy B music video ends in tears. While performing his latest song, Del recognizes Clarice, who has caused him nothing but trouble; consequently, Sam and Cat, as well as the doll, are escorted out by security guards. Okay, we can’t start making gallons of soda out in the open or we might get caught. Cat tries to get information out of Nora, but gets trapped in a well where Dice happens to be. Oh, gosh, now what you want?


I never knew you could carve stuff out of cheese. Wait, you’re not allowed back there! Epsiode almost tries Brain Crush herself, but Sam pulls her away in time.

Have you seen my butt scratcher? What’s he doing here? Sam and Cat are ordered by a lawyer to rename their babysitting business because it is too similar to the name of a popular kids’ TV show from the s, Salmon Cat. I mean, if a person anr way too long, they’re gonna wake up in a pile of their own poop. The gang meets with Zakappa to retrieve the motorcycle in exchange for his friend, but he gets tricked as Sam and Cat decide to keep Hector.

Come on, open andd No, no, no, no! So Sam gets the idea to start selling the soda as a response to it getting banned.

You gonna ban sleeping? Dice buys some tuna fish from the “dirty skipper” by gambling but he didn’t know they were dangerous.

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They track down the show’s two original creators—Sylvia Burke and Janice Dobbins—and seek to have the trademark infringement suit revoked. Neither of them care to meet the Vice President of the United States, another prize for winning the competition. You made a dinosaur out of cheese. Jet has to go to a scalp hospital and Dice gets the cover instead. College Football Snares Top Spots”. Retrieved June 11, Dice and Goomer show up at the girls’ apartment and present a episods, metal box that he claims to be used as a magic trick, which can make people disappear.


Slarm, Jerry Trainor bluedogsda Crazy Steve.

She then realizes Cat snooped and gets angry at her for doing so, but they make up quickly. Decide for yourself episoed our photos from the hottest red carpet of the year! When they babysit Daisy, Jarvis, and Sophie, they each do things to get the kids to like them.

As for Goomer’s t-shirt, it turns out he was wearing it backwards the entire time. On Halloween night, Sam dresses up like Cat while Cat dresses up like a genie. But once they manage to have as much of it as possible and share it with everyone else, they find epsode authorities are searching for the seller. The episode was great, we actually saw a different side to the characters we haven’t really seen, and everyone had a chance to shine and make you laugh.

Do you hate me? Archived from the original on July 11, Sam and Cat make a commercial for their business, which features Dice’s dog “Opee”. Sam and Cat must help convince her that he is a high school history teacher instead, because if she finds out his real job, she will take him back home to Louisiana.

Sam’s decision prompts Rita to take a break from her career, and she joins Sam and Cat at their apartment, along with others, to watch a movie. At first bluedohsoda, they think he’s found out their plan and it’s so funny seeing Cat so freaked out, not something you see every day.

Sam and Cat (2013) s01e26 Episode Script

Dice asks Sam to send Nona down to Arizona to bail Cat out of the police station before she is there for two weeks.


Sam and Cat babysit elisode girl named Kim, who is struggling with math in school. And it scratches a lot more than butts. Start your free trial.

The gang then decides to bring the box, with Cat inside, for the drive to the theme park, except the box is thrust out of the car when Goomer hits a bump in the road, leaving Cat stuck on the side of the road.

Later, she paints Sam’s motorcycle pink, while Ruby paints Cat’s hand likewise.

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You get to drive us and pay for everything. Retrieved March 20, Meanwhile, a t-shirt Goomer wears for luck at MMA fights is missing, and he posts fliers to help him find it. Retrieved July 30, I said, “check it out! Cat figures out the soda’s recipe and sales take off, yet the gang becomes paranoid and decides to shut production down.

Sam asks Nona to stay at her apartment while Cat is away and Nona proves to be a dream roommate, by making lavish dinners, doing Sam’s laundry, etc. This is a one-hour extended episode. She ends up rescuing Poober, and replacing it with the pineapple full of Sam and Cat’s money. It says you two babysit. Wow, that’s really good.

When Nora Dershlit Danielle Morrow reprising her epizode from the iCarly episodes “iPsycho” and “iStill Psycho” breaks out of prison, she seeks revenge on the iCarly gang. While Goomer gets Del’s glasses, Cat ties her big balloon to a little girl’s toy scooter, it floats away. Retrieved June 25, Oh, hey, I want to talk to you and your roommate about Did you get rid of that man?

Even Sam warns her of the consequences, but the girls use the money to buy stuff anyway.