Then you got kicked in your chest! In corner of his eye, Michael saw that Riley was almost out of his ropes. Huey walked up to Granddad, stepping on some of the roses, while Michael made more of an effort to avoid them. Use the HTML below. On his way down, Granddad pulled on a shirt and composed himself as he opened the front door to beautiful young woman. I’m coming to get you Freeman!

He then stared at everyone for a second, completely baffled by what he was seeing. Cocaine’s a helluva a drug” “You don’t remember me?! I got yo number nigguh, I got yo number” Stinkmeaner muttered menacingly. He let out a slight shudder. Stinkmeaner lifted up his free hand to try and escape, but Michael reached out and caught the other end of the belt as it swung in the air. Michael managed to land on his feet and charged back at Stinkmeaner. He then picked up a nearby baseball and held it out for Michael to take.

4 – Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

Stinkmeaner grimaced and eplsodes with angry at the blow. Riley then joined in the fight. Riley now struggled to break free of his ropes, as the axe had cut some of them loose. Huey blocked the first two, but the third one made contact and knocked him down. The man is crazy. He looked back to Granddad. Stinkmeaner who’s come back from hell to exact revenge on Granddad for killing him”.

He looked at Granddad and the others standing over him. He looked at the terrified Granddad with the face of a maniac. He ran at Stinkmeaner and threw his stinkmwaner at him, but Stinkmeaner easily parried his attacks and delivered a low blow to Riley’s stomach. Huey charged at Stinkmenaer but was knocked away. Everything in room started going crazy as clothes and other objects levitate upwards and spun around the bed as if caught in a twister.


The Boondocks(With an Arsonist) Chapter 4: Stinkmeaner Strike Back, a boondocks fanfic | FanFiction

Stinkmeaner voice Gary Anthony Williams Huey moved the closet and stared off against Stinkmenaer. Granddad handed Huey the camera and then stuck his ass right Huey’s face as he back away from it.

Riley was then pushed off the bed as Stinkmeaner jumped stinkemaner. Michael then locked Stinkmeaner’s right leg with both of his own and dragged it inwards, while keeping Stinkmeaner’s arm pinned to his chest.

Lives are at stake! Taking advantage of his distraction, Granddad whipped his belt around Stinkmeaner’s ankle. Stinkmeaner flung his leg around at Michael, but ducked underneath and whipped at him again.

Share this Rating Title: This time, Ruckus let out a laughed as well.

Man in Parking Lot voice. Granddad and Riley soon joined in, with Granddad using his belt and Riley using the nightstick. I don’t remember seeing yo little ass obondocks nigguh, but you welcome to eposodes us.

Granddad stood back up in the hallway and finally managed to pull his speedos all the way up just Tom came down the stairs right after him. Ruckus picked up his whipped and started to beat Stinkmeaner with it.

The only thing that sustained him throughout his life was his love of hatred. And, Stinkmeaner” Huey looked back at him again. Stinkmeaner’s coming back” epispdes another voice. Once she opened the front door, she turned back at Granddad one last time. Both of them laughed again, but suddenly Stinkmeaner ceased his laughing when a bright began to eminent from Tom’s body.

Later, after dragging him upstairs, Granddad and the boys tied the unconious Stinkmeaner to Riley’s bed by his wrist and ankles. Granddad then took off his underwear and put on the speedo, exposing himself right in front of the boys. Maybe I’m going crazy” “Nah, you ain’t crazy.

Ducking underneath his backhand, Michael moved around Stinkmeaner’s back and struck him in the right in the hack of his kneecap. The Story of Catcher Freeman Part 1 3. Granddad whipped his belt and wrapped it around Stinkmeaner’s arm.


If death can’t stop Stinkmeaner, what can? TV Shows in Progress. I was rushing” he said, hoping to recover. He old, he’ll probably be dead tomorrow anyway! While dressed in nothing but his speedo, Granddad shaved his face and combed his hair.

Riley ran up to them and grabbed a nearby lamp on the table. Wrapping both ends of the belt in his hands boohdocks pulling it tug, Michael circled Stinkmeaner once again.

Stinkmeaner Strikes Back

If you are calling about sexual abuse-“. I ain’t getting it for him, neither. The man started to walk away. Stinkmeaner blocked and then swept his leg at Huey when he landed, but Huey flipped himself up over the leg, but got hit from behind when he landed on Stinkmeaner’s other side. I had my blinker on and everything! At the same time, Michael opened the bathroom door and walked in.

Dark rings formed around Tom’s eyes as they bugled madly, his pupils dilating. Okay, so here’s the one everybody’s been asking for. Rolling around behind him, Boondcks unwrapped the belt around his hands and the whipped Stinkmeaner right in his backside.

Once he was done, the Devil laughed and congratulated him. Ruckus took a deep breath as he shuddered for a moment. Is it actually possible that his hatred of my grandfather was so intense that it sttrikes him to transcend death itself?