So you really bought that “go home” shit? You know, the important thing is everyone is okay. Trees and lakes and things. What we really want to do is go home. Something wrong with the cable. What special escape route? In the news today, violent crime is on the rise, only a few days into the arrival of Katrinian refugees to Woodcrest.

I’ll pray for you. Go on, save New Orleans. More like 34 years. The Lord will provide another lamp. I’ve seen that raggedy piece-of-shit house. Clean up out this bitch with nobody knowing nothing. You taking it too far now. So you really bought that “go home” shit?

In Jesus’ name we praise Jesus. I had rain insurance, I had flood insurance. You- You gonna need invasiln gas mask and galoshes to go in there. Get in your car and drive far, far away.

Come on, y’all, he katriniane it’s cool. What’s wrong with the street? Why don’t you go back to New Orleans? Get off of me, woman. I’ll pay you back when my FEMA check arrives. The Lord will provide another lamp. That’s it, go back. I’m about to give you a Category 5 ass whupping. Don’t nobody clean up this house? You’re such a good giver.


There go the lights. If you don’t want none, I understand completely. Is it true that you hate poor black people?

I can see ’em now: You taking it too far now. Ah, yes, the human family. Trying to get this check from FEMA is a full-time job. Y’all up here doing it real big and shit, huh.

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You know, what hurt us was losing all that mattress money. Are you sure, Robert? Boy, I’m telling y’all. How about that, huh?

I mean, it be in my pocket sooner than you think. I’m a do-what-it-takes kind of nigga, man. Oh, Robert, would you do that for us? How could it have all gone so wrong?

The Boondocks – S2E09 – Invasion of the Katrinians [aAF]

Why don’t they take their homeless asses home? The damn insurance company said I didn’t have no wind insurance.

Conservatory and a small kitchenette Granddad had lost this battle, but he had far from katrlnians the next three months of his life. Uh, you know, you need it more than me. No, you don’t have to bribe me. You can come down, little baby. Yeah, material things can be replaced. What are we gonna do, Riley?


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Because we’re all cousins and brothers and sisters in the eyes of God? You like Saint Robert.

Well, what a surprise. A full-time job is a full-time job. Not a damn thing. Sayonara, you sorry niggas. I like having things too, you hear me? What they got down there worth saving? You don’t even want- Huey don’t want none. Why do you hate us, Father? My retirement, theand the money for the record label I started in the basement. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.