I think that Jamal was a very good brother to have during a hard time for Bibi. However I do not agree this should be a Grade 7 text and that children should be lead to believe that the Australian Government has no heart because of the stance it has taken with illegal immigrants. I really enjoyed this book. I definitely recommend reading it! Before Morris began his writing career as a screenwriter, and wrote his first children’s novel in The book is addicting because you want to never stop reading. Bibi is constantly angry and raging with no brains and sure, the author clearly tries to defy the stereotypes of submissive middle-eastern women and quiet females- but failed horrendously.

Action aplenty , Literature circles , Other cultures. Boy overboard is a longer and much, much better version of Boy overboard the play. Their Mum runs an illegal school and their dad drives a taxi, but their whole world turns upside down when they find out they are moving to Australia. However, I got hooked on the story and ended up having a few tears. To him, however, it doesn’t matter as all the people who enjoyed his other books will rush to the store to buy it. He acts like a happy-go-lucky kid in the first part of the book and then becomes a single parent in the second half! I loved the book Boy overboard. And maybe the main character is absolutely fixated on soccer, to an annoying extent, as a way of making a child from Afghanistan relatable and real, rather than just ‘the other’.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I would recommend the book for children, and teens because before you read the book you should know about extremism governments like, in this story the Taliban is the governor in Afghanistan.

Boy Overboard

I think Morris Gleitzman has explained a life of glwitzman refugee extremely well and is an excellent writer. Boy Overboard by Morris Gleitzman. The saddest bit is when there in the middle of a football match they find out that the other boat sank and the find out that there in a detention center.


What this book is really about is the life of refugees.

Apr 25, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: The main idea of the story is the ups and downs of Jamal and his family trying to get to Australia.

Jamal and Bibby are to kids who love soccer, but are not supposed to play outside, because their government made it illegal! I recommend this book to ages 12 and up because younger people might not understand it. I decided to read this book. They were obsessed – we flew through this and there were so many incredible discussions that arose from it! He has a passion for soccer and wishes to play professionally, as does his younger sister Bibi.

If the author wanted to be lazy, then they could of incorporated magic or mythology.

My favourite part of the book was when Bibi stood on the landmine. In typical Gleitzman style, the issue of refugees and Australia’s immigration policies is dealt with so that young readers gain a good understanding of the situation.

All I can say is, we are pretty lucky! But damn, this book definitely made me cry. Want to Read overbooard. Again because of my intermediate friends. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: View all 10 comments.

Jamal and Bibi are the dumbest kids Overbpard have ever read about. For some reason every time he mentioned this, it just made me sad. I would definatally read it again because it has a great message and the information about afghanastan is great it lets you know all the law and details of there life I would recodmend ages adult This book is quite confronting so probable not for young ages.

I loved this book…………. I found myself having to read some sentences over again, because since the len Boy Overboard was a story I had to read in English.

I think boy overboard overborad an absolutely thrilling and exciting book to read. It also shows what it would be like to live with the rules of the Taliban. I especially liked it because of jamals love for soccer.


Morris Gleitzman is so awesome!! When I was eight.

It is about a young boy Jamal who lives in Afghanistan; he has a little sister named Bibi and is very protective oveeboard her. I recommend this book to anybody who loves a overblard read. It showed how dangerous life is over in Afghanistan and how different it is to over in Australia and other safe countries. This book is great to know about what is happening with the Taliban and how to understand what is happening in other countries.

Nov 13, Kalen W rated it did not like it Shelves: It is honestly quite boring. I really enjoyed reading this book and learning about the struggles refugees faced in their efforts to find a better life. I did like it a lot – when I was eight.

My favourite character in this book is Jamal. Action aplentyLiterature circlesKorris cultures. I honestly thought it was extremely boring. Boy Overboard This book gleutzman the journey of a family trying to escape Afghanistan by boat.

My favourite part would be when they finally got to an island and they thought they were on Australia and they were planning all the things they would do and they were thinking about everything that Australia has to offer and why Australia is the best country.

A story of hope, ball control, and an incredible journey. We see an angry middle-eastern girl, much like a cliched Angry Black Women.

Boy Overboard (Audiobook) by Morris Gleitzman |

Boy overboard is an awesome book! This book is so sad and scary at the same time. I it just so thrilling not knowing what is going to happen. But girls playing football is against the law in Afghanistan. This book was a nice read and I would give it a 6 out of