I liked the relationship between Hank and Al; the two were a lot alike. It doesn’t get any better when the phone rings. Hank’s bedroom Kink factor: Hank takes out his frustrations on the film crew and Trixie, the call-girl he was trying to build a relationship with him. Stu Beggs Scott Michael Foster Karen shows up and offers her condolences to him. Charlie Runkle Judy Greer

He has a brief daydream that she opens the door and they live happily ever after before realizing she is not home. Meanwhile, Charlie must deal with Marcy’s crush on Rick when he’s invited to dinner. Karen unknowingly gets a job as an interior designer for a house belonging to the wife of rock musician Atticus Fetch. Charlie comes in to save him and pay his debt. Back in the present, Hank is seen at a bar with a prostitute named Trixie. But, things had deteriorated long before that. Hank Moody’s Little Black Book. Archived from the original on October 16,

Hank and Trixie hang out again for a little massage. They realize they still love each other. The season followed Hank Moody and the other main characters in the months leading up to the marriage of Hank’s ex-girlfriend Karen and Bill, a Los Angeles publisher. Later, Karen tells Hank she might have made a big mistake being with Bates, who won’t stop drinking. Number of times Karen rejects Hank: This flashback then merges to the present and Hank is sitting alone in his apartment holding the same unopened letter in his hand and practically tearing up.

Click the EasyEdit button above to help create the wiki guide to. Finally, Charlie shows up with some money to save the day. Edit Cast Episode cast overview: The pair have a great time at Sue Collini’s party. When he wakes up and enters the house, Bates announces that he has decided to leave Karen; this offers the possibility of Hank and Karen reuniting and starting a new life in their former home.


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The party ends abruptly when Hank has a run-in with Tyler after catching him with Kali in the bathroom. Search for ” California Son ” on Amazon. Retrieved April 4, Retrieved January 11, Faith’s feelings for Hank start to go beyond her control. Runckle and his wife rekindle their relationship. Retrieved February 16, Everyone gather for dinner at Stu’s, where Marcy reveals that her baby is Charlie’s.

Hank looks forward to going back there with her, but when Damien and Becca reconcile, Hank decides it would be wrong to remove Becca from Los Angeles, so he and Becca will stay in L.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hank awaits test results and reflects on his early days with Karen.

The newly reunited couple of Hank and Karen seem to be working, their house is on the market, and Becca seems happy again. Hanksfuture1stwifeOct 294: Hank continues to consider writing Sam’s new movie, then decides against it after a brief but not-so-good meeting with the movie’s director, Peter Berg playing himself.

Hank’s father Al Mark Margolis dies. Not too much Repercussions: Retrieved January 26, Hank starts californiacxtion as a college professor of a writing class and gets into trouble with an unexpected admirer; Charlie deals with Marcy’s new boyfriend.

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Retrieved January 16, Hank continues his time in rehab and makes a trip to the outside world when he decides to accompany Faith to a funeral of an old flame of hers who was a childhood friend of Atticus Fetch. It is revealed that Hank and Mia had met before the night they slept together, with Hank not remembering the meeting due to him being in a drunken stupor. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Retrieved January 24, This episode defiantly had a different type of style to it which gave it a nice little twist and a new perspective to me as a viewer of episodd show.


Hank becomes califorjiacation in Becca’s teacher. T-Oh you think so? Emotional and distraught from recent losses, Charlie seeks comfort from Marcy while dealing with Lizzie getting her big-break role in Santa Calirorniacation Cop thanks to Stu. The episode starts seaspn with Hank receiving a phone call from his sister. The two discuss women, marriage; I can see where Hank may have gotten his womanizing ways.

Sex-addicted Hank sleeps with many women, including a woman who is cheating on her enraged, muscular husband; and Mia Madeline Zimaa year-old girl who Hank had assumed was older. Trixie then tells Hank her real name which is Beatrice and that she is seriously a hooker. This site uses cookies. Retrieved January 20, Tom Kapinos Guest Star s: Seen List Shows, Episodes.

It made a lot of connections to my life and the flashbacks where all used in a well and organized manner while connecting to the present life of Hank Moody. Bates tells Hank that he and Becca talk regularly about writing; this somewhat troubles Hank as Becca has never talked to him about writing.

The show starts with Hank trying to write a blog. Things go south when Ophelia uses her taser on both Charlie and Stu, however, Marcy is put off by Ophelia’s behavior.

California Son

Try It Now For Free. Mia’s book becomes a hit epieode Ashby holds a party in its honor, where Damien cheats on Becca and Charlie decides to divorce Marcy to get together with Daisy. Hank has a rendezvous with Faith.