August 18, at 8: Actually, only an informed and reasonable public would turn against them…. This point is supported by subsequent comments and, to be frank, seems self-evident? The park service decided to take action against wolves appearing too bold towards humans. August 2, at 2: Cat’s goal is to promote public support for maintaining this sustainable use of natural resources, while recognizing and treasuring the human value of a close association with the land.

The Northwest Territories government is providing financial incentives for hunters who kill wolves within the North Slave area where barren ground caribou populations are undergoing a sharp decline. Nineteen confirmed wolf packs had their territories in northwest Wyoming with relatively high native ungulate densities and relatively low seasonal exposure to domestic livestock. I adult, 2 pups, Upper Green August 1: The tribes living in the Napo River system have had their areas decimated by oil and they have hunted much of the basin. One tool the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s Large Carnivore Section employs in monitoring is the capturing and radio-marking of wolves. Two wolves were repeatedly seen in the same area in Aggressive, nonrabid wolves bit people in 16 cases. August 15, at 7:

If the take results in a wolfmortality, then evidence that the mortality was nondeliberate, nonnegligent, accidental, and unavoidable must be provided. You will either be poisoned by the pesticides or die from the diseases brought by the insects or the pesticides. Bears like beer http: Its just disappointing to see that the retribution for killing cattle is so swift and severe and still relies on killing.


There was no evidence of wolves in this pack at the end of The kind that make the outdoors and wildlife thrive are the kind we need. Some of the comments hit the nail hard, in particular. Do not call the Wyoming Game and Fish Department for a wolf problem. Here are a few comments from dozens wllf I received from outfitters on this issue:. I saw a black and white wolf running on the edge of the timber.

These four wolves, though previously nonaggressive, eventually bit humans. Hiring a new range rider xat resuming the release of captive-reared wolves are essential. Meant what I said earlier because it is what it is no matter who likes it or what excuses for use of the terminology to justify the activity are promoted.

For one, since no predator other than coyotes not really an apex predator occur where I am Alabamawe need hunters just to keep the deer population down, urbikgit allow saplings to grow. A jump of 9 deaths to 16 in a weeks time is a tad bit frightening.

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Interactions Reports of Attacks Deaths. Curbing our populations would be equally helpful. It is not a logging forest nor much of a grazing forest. August 25, at 8: Check out wafch links below for the details. Much the urbiglit scenario will be played out in the SE portion of the state where no packs have been documented but it is unrealistic to think that the suspected Touchet pack is the only pack in the Blues.


Feds rescind order to shoot a Mexican gray wolf believed to have killed cows in New Mexico http: Low to High Price: Conservation groups compensated the stock owners for their losses and paid for the range riders. I have always had issues with meat. The editorial raises some good urbigkt, but, similar to anti-wolf sentiments, it falls back on over-simplification, exaggeration and sweeping generalizations.

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Read wllf complete NINA report at the link below: Anslinger is burning in the hottest pits of Hades Google him. When I used to complain about fairness, my dad would retort: Pundits take them seriously, or at least act as if they do….

Women are now rapidly losing what few options of choice they were ever able to gain. Submit photos, stories, links, tips or information. The dead wolves and eagles were found last May in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.

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The pack killed 1 calf near Victor, ID in Get it by Tuesday, Feb 26 Only 9 left in stock more on the way. This is acceptable in our day in age?

Perhaps the best critique of the Ubrigkit mindset comes from pagesof the said book by Rene Askins Urigkit the Teton wolf, Askins proclaimed: