Artemis is nearly done in taking over Roman and their outlets, while GN Fashion is close to tying up their deal with Royal Group. But then it all turned out to be just a disappointment. I agree with Tea, Namcha and Pam. Must be the stress I suppose. For the opration, caregiver has to go out. Chanel January 15, at 6: Trying to set up a wedding without the knowledge or consent of the groom? Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

Agree with your insights, Koala. Um… Daddy Cha, did you get a personality transplant too because of a photo? You came here to say that? I’m interested in seeing how Tommy Hong will manage to erase that damning video before Sueng Jo sees it. I wish Joonni will have her new posts here soon. Se Kyung suggests a parental meal soon and Seung Jo agrees.

Robert and PSH’s character did not impress me much either when it came to speaking French. That scene used to be on YT, but I didn’t find it this time around.

Yoon Joo cuts to the chase and asks why he agreed to the deal? To be honest, her French in episode 6 was better than how she spoke here and she had quite a few lines in French in that episode. In Hwa’s glaring hypocrisy would be funny if I didn’t find it disgusting.

Meanwhile Seung-jo prepares Se-kyung for her meeting with Chairman Robert. Hello Kopytko, I agree with you! This is the first time all the characters in a drama seems like real people to me. You could see they were only mouthing the words, barely synchronized with the lines. Speaking of product placement, I must sheepishly admit to getting a little thrill each time I see one of the characters using my exact same phablet Loving how CDDA is taking a dark turn.


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Hello Saturtledaisy, I usually try to not let it bother me, however I get bugged when we are told that a character in a Kdrama lived abroad for a certain amount of time usually, at least a year and they don’t seem to speak or manage to livd the language.

Don’t recall which drama, but a while back I saw one with some blatant product placement – so much liev that in the phone store they had blurred out most of the competitors names on wall posters etc. I have been teaching and tutoring French for the last 17 years, and I have never expected my students who have been of various ages to speak fluently or sound like native speakers after even a year of regular and diligent teaching and tutoring, let alone Koreans who happen to learn it for a few hours maybe for the sake of a few lines in a drama.

Lee Jong Hyun – Where do I have to go? Yoon-joo is somewhat relieved but wonders if she was being too paranoid. It works both ways – my wife is Japanese, and quite often when some American speaks what is supposed to be Japanese in US movies, she laughs and or cries.

It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s money. What with all that, the personality amnesia is no surprise. My sis has the same condition. However, I think Se-Kyung’s character development has been quite refreshing: When he inaugurated the new alphabet in King Sejong the Great explained that it was designed specifically to visually represent sounds native to the Korean language and to make is efficient. Se-kyung is confident she can eoisode it, and flips open a random book.


Occasionally, a couple is cast because they look good together, but when acting, they lack that spark.

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She aegyos her dad to coming. He then calls up Se-kyung — is she okay?

From Comic to Drama. Seung Jo spins Se Kyung around and gives her a peck on the lips before driving away with her to a place he already made reservations at. Love this namja so much What are you going to do now?

He brings up Pretty Woman and needing to bring a woman to business settings at times to strike a balance in the life of successful men.

Cheongdamdong Alice

So I totally agree that she’s a hypocrite. Jhen I hate hate hate In Hwa, I am placing a serious leg breaking device in her office so she can never walk near our couple again: She thinks that she “deserves” her gold, but others do not.

I believe that this is the message the writers are trying to bring across and so far, I really like how they have crafted CDDA.

You have to give me bonus seperately because I’m competent. I think this was a good episode. Yoon Joo meets with her brother and she is very confused still about Tommy agreeing to help.

She went to the hospital and met EunSung. The best part about their deal is that Tommy deleted the video right akice front of Se-kyung.