He’s really low class and tacky. HSK is such a complex and rich character, I detest her actions, but I don’t hate her. Although Tommy is peripherally running around in the inner circles of Cheongdam-dong , I don’t think he is really a part of them. He really did have to struggle from the bottom up. Seung-jo is my favorite character I was so glad the cute was back and I don’t want him to be hurt. Master of the Mask” exceeds, “Queen for 7 Days” starts off at 6. Curioser And Curiosor January 7, at 3: Which I’m sure Seung-Jo will agree with when he finds out.

I love that this drama took its time to subvert those two principal social biases with the characters of Se-kyung and Seung-jo, presenting us with two ordinary people who act and react according to socially imposed constraints while a trying to find relief from the pressure and b discovering that they might find happiness beyond those constraints. Log in with Email. Because I don’t get what the hell is up with these two. They manage to give almost all the side-characters an interesting flavor for example, I like how CSJ’s father is portrayed. Today I take a look at this quirky upcoming title before sharing the usual collection of weekly news. As Yoon-joo heads to the restroom, Se-kyung steps outside to call Tommy. HSK wasn’t written to be an endearing and cute character.

And congratulations to all of the winners, He sees a bartender spinning a bottle over a cocktail shaker, and suddenly it hits him.

Moko January 7, at 1: Do you feel uncomfortable around me? He leaves her one bit of advice: This title is currently unavailable. I think she is rather laice kind of actress who tries to understand the character that is written in the script rather than pushing herself unto it. Kim Yoo Ri Supporting Cast. TS January 7, at I remember reading a lot of righteously indignant comments in DramaFever about CdA’s materialism and its morally dubious heroine.

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But what to do: What is tommy hong going to do to mess alkce them????? I had imagined a more grandeur revelation scene, where Se-kyung arrives at the party and Seung-jo is triumphantly introduced as the CEO Jean Thierry Cha, and her jaw drops. Her problem is that Tommy knows.


You mean “Myeee Ewayeee”? Honestly, I’m fine with whatever, but just do it. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Imagine what would happen if, in episoce spirit, Se-kyung could also bare herself, warts and all I am right there with you guys. Seung-jo’s adorable awkwardness and correspondingly loveably gleeful dorkyness aside, CdA is a comedy in the sense that it will have a happy ending. Lee Dong-gun is currently in the drama “Queen for 7 Days”.

I think it’s gutsy of this drama to attend to these topics that few of us would otherwise have an inkling about.

I love the side characters a ton in here, especially Ah-jung loved the actress in ReplySecretary Moon, and Yoon Joo. But now I want to know what Seung-jo learned from Secretary Moon. She cried all throughout the drama and poured out her emotions.

So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes. I have something to tell you, so turn around!

On the other hand MGY is still making Se Kyung likable but as she gets dirtier its going to be harder to root for her since Seung Jo is so sincere. I lovve this drama and PSH so much!!!!! Far better than in Heartstrings she was annoying there.

Cheongdam-dong Alice

Goo Won Supporting Cast. He tries to prolong their proximity by requesting a bow tie, or getting a handkerchief in his breast pocket, but he fails each laice.

This drama is awesome!

Se-kyung no longer wants alic work in a situation where she must style a person without ever seeing him, without ever getting to deal with him.

However, ugly love is still love. God ‘m in love with Seung Jo too. I love how they’ve all leaped on-board — including Driver Kim! Please enter your username or email address.


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While the drama of her hardening her heart to accomplish wealth is really interesting, where it is coming worries me. Seung Jo’s doctor friend had it right: So, there are things about it that I love and things that are just driving me crazy.

Not only will her not-telling be held against her then but Tommy, who’s most likely the teller, will paint her in a very bad light in all. Agree with the Occam’s Razor principle. So Yi Hyun Main Cast. Han Jin Hee Supporting Cast. Meanwhile, In-hwa and Min-hyuk have dinner with Il-nam, and In-hwa suggests that he open a shopping complex on the outskirts of the city. I think he’d be pissed but I can’t see him not forgiving her. According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episodes of “Reunited Worlds” rated 7.

Rome05 January 7, at He was already recovering thanks to her! With Seung Jo, she is cautious now – where before she was easy and comfortable with Secretary Kim – because SJ is now her social superior. Dong-wook is hankering for updates regarding his confession.

He remains a very mysterious figure, I hope we get more background on his character and that he gets a real story arc. She is as stiff as wood and only has vheongdamdong expression: I noticed the change from last episode to this one and I think it reflects well on the job they’re doing balancing Se-kyung’s dip into badness. Funny no one mentions So E-Hyun’s excellent acting.