The Great Secret Is Revealed. Synopsis In the year , the earth has been taken over and covered in darkness by a race known as the Neo-Descal. However, Belzeus, claiming that the humans are descended from the Bosquito, uses the Gransazers to encourage the Warp Monarch to finish the global genocide they started long ago. He is most known for his work in the Super Sentai series as a suit actor. DaiSazer is a very deadly creature and it is armed with a deflector as well as a laser array on its chest, but DaiSazer mostly relies on brute force to deal with its opponents. But the fight ends in a draw as a satisfied Logia leaves, later returning to aid them in fighting Belzeus, though he still sees Tenma as an eternal rival.

This Week’s Top Trailers. Dentsuin later makes a cameo appearance in Justirisers Episode 30, as the doctor who assessed Mio’s condition. He is known to slack off from both schoolwork and kendo practice. From being with Ken and befriending him, Ayumi realizes that Earth shouldn’t be destroyed though she is force. While overseeing Remls attacking his teammates, Karin fights Tarius until the Wind Tribe notice the explosion of their fight, with Akira seeing Karin for as she really is, revealing she fell in love with the human and offered to spare his life. He performs his finishing move “Fire Bird Slash” with them. Karin tried to enlist the Earth Tribe into her group, but failed, causing the Earth Tribe to fight together with the Flame Tribe. Water tribe topic Water tribe or Water tribes may refer to:

The monster was slowed down by Youhei, as it destroys the monster’s crystal lens.

Its finishing move is ‘Hyper Burst’, which unleashes the full power of Guntras and the 4 ChouSeiShin combined through the laser array on its chest. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Chouseishin Gransazer Episode 47

The Cloud Dragon is designed for combat support and repairs the ChouSeishin after they suffered battle damage and rendered immobile as a result, in which a sky whirlpool is created to collect the damaged ChouSeiShin and loads them onto one of the 4 storage pads for the ChouSeiShin of each Tribe in the order of Flame GarudaWind DorcrusEarth GunCaesar and Water Leviathan respectively on its body for repairs and restoration in outer space the first such repairs is done onto the Flame ChouSeiShin Garuda by restoring its damaged left wingupon which they can be launched straight from the colossal Dragon’s storage pads once fully repaired and when the Gransazers summon them.


The second time was when Logia and Tenma fought one on one in their respective mechas with Tenma barely securing the victory.

When Ran finds Agol to have him kill her when Ruby interferes again as Tarious and Lion arrive to save the two. He makes his debut as a Sazer when Leviathan becomes endangered due to Radia’s presence and motives and promptly saves Tarious from impending death.

Immediately afterwards, he defeated Velsou. He later sees Shouta become Riser Glen as he joins the other Justirisers and Demon Knight fighting their enemies, personally holding the Zokoals off before taking his leave. Toho’s most famous creation is Godzilla, who is featured in 33 of the company’s films. It reactivated, then busted out of the Japan Self-Defense Force holding area, when Logia returned to Earth to seek vengeance against the Sazers.

Song of the Surfer. He can fire and immediately replace his fists in his Twin Crusher chouseihin, and his powerful feet can create devastating shockwaves in his Land Shake attack. Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode The Mammoth-Bosquito is destroyed by Great-Lio piloted by Lio-Sazer using the final move, Howling Crush, which the power of Gransazers, Justirisers and Sazer-X combined into the finishing attack to destroy the monster.

Once learning the location of the Dimensional Transport Machine, the others go to fight the Bisil Soldiers while Tarius activates the machine’s self-destruct.

All All 0 Dislike 0. History Toonami was launched as a block on Cartoon Network, India’s oldest kids channel, in Are you sure you want to perform this action? Remote controlled by a voice-command headgear, the Yuuhi is launched from an underground bunker.

Its finishing attack, known as the “Brand Tornado”, resembles a blast from a flamethrower tornado. List of Japanese television programs by date topic The following is episodf list of Japanese television programs by date of first broadcast in Japan. Having helped Professor Horiguchi with his research, she was the first Sazer to be awakened. He often shows up just in time to level the odds. Share this Rating Title: When three members of the same element have been awakened and gathered, a Tribe is formed.


Chouseishin Gransazer – Episode 5. In Live Mode, GunCaesar is shaped after a liger and attacks with yransazer cannons as well as with his claws. He often shows up just in time to level the odds. He is most known for his work in the Super Sentai series as a suit actor.

Chouseishin Gransazer Episode 46

Chouseiishin the first part, Lucia and Radia were sent to use a meteor to wipe out Shinkujira Island, in order to destroy the final Chouseishin Leviathan before going after the other Chousishin.

Edit Details Official Sites: But when Algol fails, Brighton reveals his true colors as Troius sneak attacks the city. Report Category Video contains prohibited content. Feel free to translate….

He refused to work in the big team for a while longer, and his generally high dedication to what he thinks is right is often, but not always, a blessing to the other Sazers. But after seeing the severity of the alien threat, Misonogi decides to support the Gransazers in any way he can.

Its finishing attack is called “Final Judgement”, which is a concentrated ball of air. Sazer-Remls is also the leader of the Wind Tribe.

Chouseishin Gransazer topic Chouseishin Gransazer Japanese: After the others destroy the clones, the orbs they left behind are reabsorbed into the original Bosquito as it evolves into a giant monster. Their suits are also shades of red, and they pilot the Flame-Driver Grand Vehicles.

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Afterwards, Logia used it as a mode of transport. It was she who first doubted the motivations of Karin and became the first to leave the evil scientist, to be joined by Jin soon after.

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