It also barely manages to be the last man standing against Ghetsis. While Chugga isn’t nearly as hateful as practiced examples of this trope, he will often proudly state when he’s unimpressed with something popular, and other times gush over obscure things. Here’s the newest episode of my Pokemon Emerald Let’s Play , episode 37! Here’s the newest episode of my Pokemon Emerald Let’s Play , episode 41! In this episode we explore the Shoal Cave and make our way to the underwater submarine stolen by Team Aqua! Want to write a guide on how to beat the hardest levels of a game? You are now seeing a visual representation of Luigi’s personal space. If you don’t know whether or not he likes one of those, you have not watched more than five of his videos.

In this episode we get to try out our new move Surf and go along a route in a new way! In this episode, we explore the berry farm and go to team magma’s dastardly headquarters inside of a volcano! May also be a case of Not So Above It All as he has no qualms of saying virtual-Jon’s life isn’t worth anything when held up by a bandit, and even laughs when suggesting Ari shoots a man hosting a game of rotating cups just because they lost. He opens his second playthrough of EarthBound with a Call-Back to the intro from his first playthrough, which are notably the first words ever spoken on his channel. Ignore Posts by Captain Fabio. Odairu the Feraligatr The Hero:

Corona the Typhlosion The Lancer: Moment of truth, guys. Chugga feels like he’s doing this any time he positively mentions Steve the Pikmin after his Let’s Play of Pikmin 1.


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In another video, he randomly tears into Michael Cera’s acting ability. Partners in Time ; his parents gave him a wallet under the guise of teaching him the value of money, telling him to always put his money in the wallet.

He knocks over both captains at the same time, that was pretty good. Vui eposode Espeon The Chick: I was just doing a thing.

He was enjoying himself to the point that he forced himself back into the pie. Bulbapedia the Venusaur The Hero: Here’s the newest episode of my Pokemon Emerald Let’s Play, episode 32! The thing with the stuff and the thing from the thing! Find threads started by MoreThanLuck. May 27th, 1: Emile declines this offer but still muses that in another universe, he sold Jon for three hundred emeraald.

I didn’t even intend that pun. In this story heavy episode, we talk to the citizens of Pacifidlog, go to Rayquaza and follow it back to Sootopolis! Here’s the newest episode of my Pokemon Emerald Let’s Play, episode emerlad

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I really will never hit puberty! He reveals within an episode of his playthrough of Super Metroid with The Runaway Guys that he’s a fan of the works of William Shakespearemaking a specific reference to Macbeth. Royals Who Actually Do Something: When the relevant episode was re-uploaded to fix a different issue, he took the time to poke fun at his error.

May 28th, 4: He is also a big fan of the Mario series.

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After more than two years at it, he became a YouTube Partner, which was episoee among Let’s Players multiple others have since become partnersdue to the legal “gray area” that showing game footage entails. Terrabite the Krookodile The Smart Guy: Chugga sighed when he saw 5 red leaf Pikmin which he called Steve — which has a HUGE fandom — knowing people will squeal over it. Averted, however; they disappear when Hades rips through said credits. I Just Want to Be Normal: Happens in Episode 27 of Link’s Awakening.


He has never beaten the original Super Mario Bros. In Luigi’s Mansion, he says to make sure a Boo doesn’t go in a certain hallway. And seems to be researching ways to force Pokemon evolution. Multiple shots have been taken at ProtonJon ‘s erratic updates. May 26th, If you really like, it, I urge you to share my videos or channel, or consider subscribing!

Here’s the newest episode of my Pokemon Emerald Let’s Playepisode 35!

April 16th, 6: It’s even more obvious in his Facebook and Twitter accounts. A shorter-range example, he notices that the final boss of Majora’s Mask does the same dance that the ReDeads from a few episodes ago did, and makes the joke again.

May 10th, 1: Chugga uses a feminine voice for one of the pink Bob-ombs.