Sometimes in the Bit Allocation window, the slider can’t be moved past the first “screen”, meaning that unless you want to change settings at the very start of the video, you need to close and try again. IF you have problem contact CTC. Works fine all the time for me. I’ve tried and does work fine- it keeps matrix which I have chosen for whole file. The playback is jerky, even if I encode with with Zigzag or progressive. New version today with many bug fixes and a new feature:

One is free other costs alot of money. Also I almost never feed unprocessed video into an encoder, you have to do prep work to get the most out of any encoder, X, HC, Xvid, Tmpeg, if you are dealing with a limited bitrate, you need to make sure your source is compression friendly. I use 3rd option as there were no reported playback problems and it does improve quality. You can make request or ask- they will answer. After the first pass of one particular source, I get a CCX Error about there not being enough storage space left Windows error code 0x8 8. Addition of blanking functionality

It has been fixed. Discover the latest Windows apps Be the first to know about the hottest apps with Download’s Windows Apps newsletter. So CCE is faster Codecs which work well with SP3: Ecoder all DVD authoring programs welcome it’s.


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May crafy I need transcoding to other lossless codec? Never seen any sharper encoder or better preserving grain. Progressive sequence is not set to 1? Lowpass is useful to cut the high frequencies so the sharp edge will became more soften. Are they embedded systems or black boxes that you would put on a rack and access over network protocols? This is what movie studios use to encode their video for the DVDs you buy at the store.

Report it to them- and they will cihema it. Choosing another matrix seems impossible, if someone has figured that out, please tell. Leave empty to search for all tools. Double click in main window – marker window appears – mark Picture – select your preset as shown in my picture encode http: For most setting changes you have to delete the vaf file.

I try other codec after weekend and report. I think we know who the clear winner is. With kind regards yup.

Same ecoder, and no response from CTC. I’ve opened them both up side by side and it appears true. CCE took exactly twice as long as Shrink and produced results which were only half as good. LINK for Specs http: Tried your suggestion but doesn’t work as expected!

Ah – I’ve never had to resort to a bit rate that low!


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Had issue with frameserved x video. I’m not thier support: Pros I use CCE all the time.

User interface is a little confusing at first, craff looks like it will contain most features. Quantize I usually set at about 70 – to preserve sharpness. Only pure yuv i They said some time ago that yv I said- ask CTC: Change of Dithered quantization Y and C parameters should be set for dithered quantization.

This is the avisynth: In that case setting up the “Picture Email me for faster replies!

LOL This fix from the first update is even better: There is delay in shipping, but I should have it s soon as it’s available, so I will let you know. Ant Download Manager 1.

Cinema Craft Encoder SP v2.70.02.12 Retail

The biggest impact is due to Adaptive GOP feature- it does simulate thousands of possible structures during each pass- works very well. If you have problems report to CTC- they will fix it. Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff.

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