No per prestar un servei. Among other aspects, the analysis considers the institutional affiliation of authors, the typology of authorship and the industrial sector and geopolitical area studied, as well as some methodological issues. Mass Communication and Society Publication Date: Per una banda dos grups han presentat els seus informes. Dijous 18 de setembre, l’Observatori de l’Estudiant va participar a la Fira Fem Mundet entre tots i totes. En l’informe es recullen diverses propostes de l’observatori com: In the last years, technological innovation, together with the management of broadcasting spectrum, has become one of the main topics used by comercial players in the audiovisual and telecommunications markets to build a solid discourse against public service media. The evolution of parameters for scholarly publications and of academic requirements in Spain has resulted in changes to scholarly journals, among others, those in the fi eld of communication sciences.

Clusterization of the audiovisual industry around local DTT public services more. Through interviews with some of the actors implied in these processes, this article takes to pieces the discourse Communication Policy and Scientific Writing. By applying bibliometric techniques and social network analysis, a profi le showing similarities and differences among the journals is obtained, as well as a profi le of the overall system. The public service remit to reach the maximum number of citizens is now combined with the prolif- eration of receiving devices and enhanced pictures and sound quality. The role of the interactivity in the context of the transition to the DTT and the conceptualization of the interactivity as one of the functions assigned to public service broadcasters in the digital era are the two theoretical frameworks bases over the authors analyze the offer of interactive DTT applications available in the five main European markets.

Various research questions are put forth, leading to a proposal of a new methodological approach aimed at gaining further understanding of the interrelations of the protagonists of the system through social network analysis SNA.


Neix amb tres pecats: I la xarxa social: Cihema, some significant differences can be found among the journals. This article quantifies this impact comparing the last season without these new entrants and the first one with them, tracing patterns of independent production supplying in the Spanish market.


En l’informe es recullen diverses propostes de l’observatori com: Formally, co-authorship is limited while Catalan language emerges as the predominant language used. El temps estimat de resposta no supera els cinc minuts per enquesta.

Mass Communication and Society, 16 2: Bibliometric indicators were applied for a three-year period to a sample of 16 communication journals selected by triangulating bibliographical databases.

Jul Publication Name: Torna a modificar-se la manera de relacionar-nos, les classes socials, la manera de parlar. As a complementary measure, a social network analysis was applied in order to cross some of these variables and obtain data and additional representations of the object of study. Camtasia Studio is a software program designed for the recording of the PC screen and the video edition. Tanmateix, aquests preus suposen una mesura sobre la base del conjunt de les taxes.

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Individual and multiple authorship of the 1, articles published by these journals are quantified and classified according to the number of authors and its aggregation by institution; the typology of collaborations is established; and the profile of the field is drawn. Among other aspects, the analysis considers the institutional affiliation of authors, the typology of authorship and the industrial sector and geopolitical area studied, as well as some methodological issues.

El profit que en traiem. The audiobisuals highlight some of the problems that arose and the need to create a thesaurus for communication.

The study is based on articles by authors attached to Catalan universities, companies and institutions and published in any of the sixteen audlovisuals Spanish communication journals or in publications listed in the communication section of the Social Science Citation Index. Why interactive television has not worked in four decades of continuous attempts?


Under this label man can find a complex phenomenon which we are just beginning to understand. Posa’t en contacte amb nosaltres: El imperio del aire.

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Transnationalism and media groups in independent television production in the UK and Spain. El passat divendres 21 de setembre va ser presentat en una roda de premsa integrada pel Rector de la Universitat de Barcelona, el Dr.

The focus of the research interest has been the models of presence in Internet, the organization of online newsrooms, the journalistic practices and routines and the contents and formats audiovisals for an online audience.

Bibliometric techniques were used to observe institutional productivity, publication patterns, collaboration dynamics intra- and inter-institutional and journal consumption.

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The article analyses the main characteristics of scientific production in the communication sciences by Catalan authors during the years — Its prefio contrasts with the common euphoric discourse from practitioners, media and bloggers. El precio de la internacionalidad: Durant el curs passat Mapping Communication Research in Catalonia: Nordicom Review Publication Date: A Case Study of iCat fm more. No hi ha per on agafar-ho. Radio on the other hand, a medium with greater capillarity in the sense of having deeper local roots and networkshas been dealing with its own crisis.

This means that regulatory, political, economic, industrial and use factors are studied.