Sonoma coast near San Francisco Expressed Gratitude: Click here to register FREE. Mar 13, Location: Police invade Cotati home, no warrant, tazed occupants Who called the police and said that there was “domestic violence” DV occurring? According to the Press Democrat , the incident occurred on May 10 while officers were responding to a domestic disturbance call. The couple claims the police do not have a warrant, and that there is no domestic violence in the house.

The PD has posted an article about this home invasion, adding the following: Or did they have strong reason to believe that she was the perpetrator? Police invade Cotati home, no warrant, tazed occupants. That seems unlikely, and it still does not justify the violent response to a complex situation like domestic violence in a home, especially when kids are present. Gratitude expressed by 2 members:. Share this thread on: Apparently the couple were loud enough that someone got worried about DM, and for that reason I think the couple were extremely wrong in not having the ten minute conversation with the police that it would have taken to clear this case up. In the rest of the developed world, not so much.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I also think it’s worth probing into if these officers have had training in responding to a DV call.

Gratitude expressed by 2 members: Completely unnecessary, and ridiculously violent reaction by police that today believe that they have the power to do what they want to any of us whenever they desire.

Can’t even have an honest argument in your own home. Parish would not comment on whether the tactics depicted in the video appear to be lawful and compliant with police department policy.

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It will be illuminating to hear that call. Gratitude expressed by 4 members: Officers then kick open the door with weapons drawn and tell the couple to get on the ground.

Police in the small Northern California town of Cotati have come under fire after a video alleging possible police brutality was released on YouTube.

It is not equivalent to a “police state”, when the police asks to make certain that a woman is safe following a particularly loud fight. That is what was once OUR government is terrified of, that the people will soon get so frustrated by the nations downward spiral, the loss of our civil and human rights while the wealth only we created is funneled into just a few “pockets,” we will be in the streets ourselves agitating for changes.


The possible flawed personality of a resident, alleged elsewhere by possibly the same person who called the police, doesn’t excuse any of the police perpetrated “over-the-top” violence, including breaking down the door, the assault and battery of all of those inside and using the sometimes lethal taser on any occupants.

How is that working so far? Karl Frederick Real Name: Apr 28, Expressed Gratitude: Similar Threads Bring this cat home to Cotati.

The police are not going to like it pllice bit when citizens decide they aren’t going to take their crap any longer. So Yes, the major fault is with the police, they abused their power.

Mar 13, Location: Clearly, the woman was safe at that moment. Police invade Cotati home, no warrant, tazed occupants Ok, I am NOT going to defend the police, I too think they completely over reacted and see no legal reason for them to enter the house.

Clearly, they were not very well trained, and we have the right to set the standard higher for our law enforcement officers. In the video, officers can be seen outside the house, asking the couple to come outside.

Gratitude expressed by 4 members:. When they refuse, the officer appears to tase them. Police invade Cotati home, no warrant, amn occupants Well, there’s the disturbing video displaying police brutality and misconduct unnecessary use of force, at the least I think it is completely reasonable for the police to speak with the couple nan inside or outside of the apartment as they choose.

By Moon in forum Pets and other Critters. Not far from the ex-marine in his NY apartment in his underwear who was murdered by the police after accidentally setting off his lifealert Share this thread on: As the police quickly holster their weapons after the camera turns calidornia, the three occupants continue to exercise their rights non-aggressively.


Gratitude expressed by 5 members:. Given that the couple had had loud fight I also feel that the couple is completely wrong in pushing the police to use additional man power on interviewing neighbors, family, friends and probably the child who is still outside, to make sure the woman is safe.

Sep 11, Location: Gratitude expressed by 9 members:.

If the police believed that domestic violence had or was occurring in this home, how could it ever be the appropriate response to TAZE the potential victim? Filks are now tasked with keeping us in order, they are on the front lines of the corporate controlled governments war on dissent.

Cotati Police Brutality Alleged After Release Of Viral Video (VIDEO)

There was a complaint of possible domestic violence, and that MUST be investigated. Is your dog having a good day? I’m truly concerned about this kind of police state harassment coming into our local community. But the couple are not innocents in this, not bya long shot. Apr 9, Location: They could have left an officer on the scene while more fully investigating the DM claim.

This is where the situation becomes sticky. Click here to register FREE. Santa Rosa Expressed Gratitude: Police invade Cotati home, no warrant, tazed occupants This turns my stomach.

The idea that the police would respond to a domestic violence call in this insensitive and violent manner is APPALLING if that does in fact prove to be the case, and not just an excuse created post-incident, which I am also suspicious of. This is in Cotati. Officers then ask if there are children in the house, to which the couple replies that there is one child inside and another playing outside. I agree with other posts demanding an investigation.