I have Kodi Jarvis installed and have a problem when downloading subtitles from subscene and OpenSubtitles. Found resolution x for display 0 with x Previous line repeats 3 times. So far I was watching videos with English subs and everything was great. StartScript – calling plugin OpenSubtitles. Hi I would really like to have an option to search for subtitles before playing the video sometimes I dont know if there are subtitles available in my language yet and I want to heck it first Any ideas about how to implement this?

Thank you for any tips or howtos from experienced kodi users. WaitOnScriptResult- plugin returned successfully Update Library Service starting Just recently I cannot use the subtitle fetching addons.. Local subtitles work fine, but strangely but perhaps coincidentally I’ve noticed lots of files say they have “local subtitles available” when in fact they do not. I have installed the addons successfully, however the Greek encoding doesn’t work if Kodi’s interface is in English. Loading player core factory settings from special: Linux unknown CPU family bit version 3.

Does anyone else have this issue? Found resolution x for display 0 with x i Movie plays with at least one external. Whenever i bring up subtitle offset Kodi will crash.

Also when I use the manual search for the same item, I find the right subtitles. Closing stream player 1 Running database version Addons20 Running database version MyMusic56 Here is my Advanced settings: OutputPacket skipping a packets of duration 10 Contact us about this article.


I installed subtitle service and it works great.

TV shows ยป – Download English subtitles

Not even sure how this could be done without some standardization on the part of opensubtitle. All subtitle addons have stopped working for me. Update Library Service starting Creating video thread UnloadExtensionLibs, clearing python extension libraries Found 1 Lists of Devices What i am doing wrong?

I’m using the Auto Subs addon to auto download, but as I can only set primary, it does not s01d01 look or download for the secondary. No settings file to load special: Seems to me that it’s making the right query.

Previous line repeats 2 times. I would like to find a fix for this, but it seems that nothing is working. Running dubtitles version Epg11 I would be grateful for any help in resolving this as I have tried several different English language subtitle providers only really for forced parts or non-English spoken parts When I download the subtitle files on my computer, then copy them across to the subtitle folder I have selected, it works fine when I select that subtitle file in kodi.

CRASHING – – English Subtitles

Embed this content in your HTML. Hi Maybe that has been discussed already, so apologies if I’m rehashing. Let’s say my main language is Spanish, but there are no such subtitles for what I wish to watch, it would then look for subtitles in crahsing secondary setting let’s say English.


Running database version ViewModes6 No matter what, the subtitle menu pops up at the beginning of the video playback. Then when I browse to subscene op my laptop and search for the title multiple subs are shown to be downloaded.

Previous line repeats 5 times. Both forced and download subtitles are not working. For more information, see https: Started the webserver Automatic subtit,es of external.

I have installed the addons successfully, however the Greek encoding doesn’t work if Kodi’s interface sbtitles in English. Apologies for not being able to post a log.

Creating audio thread But since I am Greek I also wanted to be able to use Greek subtitles.