Although overlong and silly at places,a reasonably watchable and entertainer nevertheless. Well Aamir is doing something unusual this time , perhaps he has tired out of playing roles where he manifest his impeccable acting skills Talaash , tare Zameen par etc. Dhoom 3 is ok ok AmanChachu: Its more “Now u see me” than “Prestige”. See Laltoo ‘s page for more details. This game of fake figures must stop. This movie is a technical blunder!

They did not even bother to show once how even one of those robberies was done, I. Even Lagaan for all its worth was pulverized by an ageing Sunny Deol’s Gadar act which grossed 2. He catches aamir in the act which leads to cat n mouse chase n eventually results in aamir n katrina being caught. I neither like nor dislike actors, i just give an esoteric and paracentric approach to situations when i feel like, some comments by me are not mearnt to be taken too seriously, just what is called wicked humour in psychology. Even the last scene of doom 1 had a fake busa but it was tastefully done to an extent where it was not easily noticeable. Its business was much more than 3 idiots, if normalised to the period of 3 Idiots taking into account inflation and correct rupee value etc.

I put my hands together, smiled and said “Namaste” – and they looked at me like they didn’t know what I was talking about! AB felt like a loser Don’t worry if katrina kaif can’t act Then of course, you add Aamir Khan to the movje and the curiosity raises a notch higher – regardless of what you think of him as an actor. Either way, I got a chuckle out of it.

But it gets right everything that is a must for commercial films, especially its ability to grasp on to the interest of audiences. Since when did that equate to “hating” or “loathing” a film?

Dhoom 3 Box Office Report: Biggest single day opening in the history of Indian cinema

The next installment had to do wonders regardless of its cast. Superb movie must watch it Dhoom3. Salman delivered 3 time highest grosser in dabangg, bodyguard, and djoom tha tiger, and could not cross 3 Idiots, Shahrukh without attaining highest grosser of the year still overtook a masterpiece like 3 Idiots.


If there are pro ranbir, srk or aamir guys i may counteract certain statements from them, though i maintain every statement here unapologetically. It will gakwas all records by leaps and bounds because of the hype and the unfair ticket price hikes. Too bad the beginning is riddled with silly stunts. It has been a trend in Bollywood to show back stories unnecessarily which doesn’t have much impact on the whole movie,,but the back story shown in this is the thing what makes base for whole of the movie Obviously these films will make money if they increase ticket prices to bucks.

See Dattaprasad Godbole ‘s page for more details.

Dhoom 3 | Promo Event | Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Uday Chopra, Abhishek Bachchan

Happy New Year to all readers of this post and most especially to those who enjoy this post. TimELiebe has given this movie a Yay! Slick action film with lots of chases sequences.

Dand u too Abhishek and Uday. Without any particular edge of the seat in the bike chase you just wonder when would the chase get over. Perfectionist, who shot pants Success at any price?

Reading already some remarks here, so it seems that they did pick a leaf or two from now you see me as I had thought above. Couldn’t resist sharing baakwas found on te Internet.

Really he is perfectionist. It was a treat: Dhoom 3 iz Superbbbb We have always watched Dhoom for car smashes, bike chases, but this time Dhoom for me was way more from the heart. Thumbs Up So-So Nay!

Watched Dhoom3 with PChelseafc Dhoom3 total waste of time I dhom glad Aamir did this Movie because he knew that the audience would engage and connect emotionally with it, he does not do roles without substance and depth of character, he’s smart and did not just do this Movie for the action and circus acts, the audience needs to enjoy these elements but see that the real driving force of the movie lies in the twin brother’s relationship I hope after Dhoom 3 he gets back to his usual amazing movies.


Dhoom 3 Box Office Report: Biggest single day opening in the history of Indian cinema | PINKVILLA

Aamir jaisa acting koi nahi kar sakta cahe woh srk ho ya sallu awesome movie jitne tarif ki jaye utni kam hai. What happened to Akshay Kumar or Salman Khan? I feel movie makers are so “excited” about breaking box office records these days that they forgot to make substantial movies. This movie is too good from writing point of view and of course direction did assist it well.

It’s maybe a bit deeper than we expected, and most of the acting prizes for this movie go to the antagonists – I think it’s time for Jai and Ali to get desk jobs, because their hearts aren’t in butt-kicking crime fighting any more.

Highest ever total in Pondicherry? And kindly get your facts right. A sweet blind girl Zooni meets a flirty Rehan. So-So, by Sukanya Verma. I wonder why Ranbir doesn’t teach Katrina some acting. It was to be expected and was a given. Thumbs Up With some ignorable flaws its a must watch.

Ultimately, the film is let down by a convenient script and its inability to deliver solid entertainment That was his turning point and since then, he is repeating himself. And for ur naturally stylish actor,,atleast amir doesnt edit his body look to look good as salmaan has done in ek tha tiger and dabang 2. Jackie Shroff appears in a brief role but has delivered a short but heartfelt performance.

Considering it was so much fun to watch them in Dhoom. It also opened to a great response in international markets. Dhoom3 break all the records. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Thumbs Down, by Suman.