Knowing Maddie has a better relationship with Parker, Liv turns to her for help. April 28—May 4, “. Following the events of “Champ-a-Rooney”, Maddie comes to see Diggie, but he is nowhere to be found. Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from June All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention Articles using small message boxes. Meanwhile, Liv decides to have a slumber party so Ruby and Priya would become friends when something goes wrong on set. Garry Marshall as Vic DeFazerelli. Add the first question.

Liv 2 Shak Ghacha Liv introduces him to Andie. Kneebauer makes her yodel before the game. This episode needs an improved plot summary. Joey accidentally destroys Liv’s diva board and tries to fix it with Pete and Karen’s help. Joey and Parker, on the other hand, try to beat Artie at the Paws on a Porcupine game. Retrieved August 18, Liv still wants to stay with Maddie in Stevens Point, but she learns that Voltage is moving to Los Angeles for season two.

At the wedding, Liv and Artie plan for Maddie and Diggie to get back together. Karen tries to madfie Joey important life skills that he lacks, in order to prepare him for traveling by himself to attend college.

However, Parker tells Maddie the book is supporting the main pillar support beam to both Parker Hollow and the Rooney house. When she challenges Parker and Reggie to a fight, they stage a gruesome fight, causing Maddie to see the error of her ways.

Following the events of “Champ-a-Rooney”, Maddie comes to see Diggie, but he is nowhere to episdes found.

Maddie has gotten overly involved in her position as basketball team captain and Liv has taken notice and considers making new friends at school. Meanwhile, Parker brings home a case of tarantulas from school, that have suddenly escaped, which causes a few problems for Maddie’s team retreat, so he ropes in Joey for help.

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In the end he and Maddie start dating. Retrieved April 21, Fangs finds success with roughening adn Liv, but struggles with teaching her to howl. After Liv confesses that she lost her necklace, Maddie reveals that she diggis it in order to make Liv understand how she felt. Liv, in an effort to shed part of her girly image, convinces Joey to let her join the team. Retrieved July 21, Holden, on the other hand, thought that he had a terrible time.


He tells her that she will know when she is ready. Meanwhile, Liv and Holden finally become a couple and get ready to go on their first date together. Jimmy Bellinger as Artie, Amarr M. After Aunt Dena leaves for a convention, Liv and Rudy then leave for the Demons Dungeon but, Liv bumps into epidodes former actor she worked with.

Liv introduces him to Andie. When Andie’s father disapproves of her dating Dump Truck, they team up with Karen to try to change her father’s mind, which eventually works.

When Maddie loses her twin charm bracelet, Liv shames her for adn carelessness. Parker invents a pair of glasses with a super computer for Karen, so she can keep track of the school records of all the kids. Meanwhile Joey falls for Parker’s lab partner.

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It is Liv and Maddie’s sweet 16 and both girls have a difference in opinion on birthday party ideas. Retrieved September 23, Kneebauer decided to suspend her from the basketball game until she admits where she was.

When Gemma learns that her special guest for Sing it Live!!! Kneebauer tries to convince the Rooneys to give alibis, and nad Maddie refuses to tell where she was the night the butter was vandalized, Mrs.

Liv Rooney is a girly girl who dkggie an actress in Hollywood for four years. Parker accidentally gives his coupon book gift to Joey instead of Karen. The series stars Dove Cameron as two identical twins with entirely different personalities.

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Wizards of Waverly Place Season 2 Episode Joey then dedicates himself to being Liv’s man-servant until she gets better. Helga goes to Scream Fest and she is famous: Maddie and Josh are able to rekindle their friendship, but Joey feels awkward by it and asks Liv to pretend to be Maddie in order to stop Maddie and Josh from spending time together. You must be a registered user to use maxdie IMDb rating plugin.

Maddie is nervous about going on her first date with her new boyfriend, Josh and asks Joey for help.

She eventually decides nad to take part in the Battle of the Bands, believing she cannot concentrate and perform well with Holden in the band. A few weeks after the events of Sing it Live-a-RooneyLiv is given a chance to be on Broadway but is not sure if she wants to know if she can sing.


Liv Rooney is a girly girl who was an actress in Hollywood for four years. Meanwhile, Parker and Joey think the Voltage set is haunted and set out to catch the ‘ghost’ with Gemma and Johnny Nimbus. Joey hits an impossible shot to win a game of horse against Maddie, then promptly retires from all competition against her, infuriating her into tricking Joey into a game of filling in the periodic table which was a disguise for a tic-tac-toe board.

Reggie becomes Parker’s friend again after he helps him beat Maddie in a game of basketball with rocket shoes, once he realized she was far more controlling than Parker. Retrieved April 12, Maddie wishes the family would go back to normal and she then wakes up realizing it was all just a dream. A significant feature of the series is that Dove Cameron plays dual roles, one being Liv, an actress who has returned to her home after starring on a popular television series in Hollywood for four years, and the other one being Maddie, Liv’s identical twin who remained behind.

Shortly after, when Willow performs that same trick on Johnny Nimbus that Maddie performed on her, she understands why it was funny.

Brandon Crawford as himself. Gemma has become the director of Sing It Louder!!

Maddie tells Diggie he should go to Australia and they agree to just stay friends for now; however, when he comes back, they will be more than just that. Trivia Maddie and Diggie have their first real fight in this episode, which causes them to break up for the rest of the season.

However, the girls eventually realize that they have been invited to the party by Joey and it all backfires when Artie betrays Joey and tries to steal Joey’s dates.