Tomoki no Pyua na Kokoro ” Japanese: Cherubimon then created the Evil Legendary Warriors and sent them and evil Digimon out into the world to gather data and cause chaos, causing Ophanimon to call for children from the human world to come and bring peace back to the digital one. Shamanmon tells the future of the group as Grumblemon shows up with his new hench-digimon, Golemon and traps Koji so he can’t evolve to KendoGarurumon. Takuya, Zoe, Tommy, Koji, J. Takuya quickly evolves to Agunimon and effortlessly destroys Parrotmon. Dynasmon’s fight with EmperorGreymon exposes part of the town’s data, but as it is scattered, Dynasmon is unable to easily collect it. IceDevimon proves too powerful for the group and traps Kazemon and Beetlemon. The Tsunomon and Kapurimon students give them a ship to sail over the grass with and they meet up with Takuya, Tommy and Koji who parachute out of the plane to them.

They are now heading out to find Ophanimon. Female Warrior Fairymon” Transcription: The Candlemon tribe apologize for the fight as it was a test to see if they were really the Legendary Warriors. In the Wind Sphere, Koji encounters Karatenmon. Before the kids can spirit evolve and deal with him, four more kids, Katsuharu, Teppei, Teruo and Chaki arrive with an Angemon who scares off Sagittarimon. Takuya accepts this and returns to the Digital World, evolving back into Agunimon on the way. Out of guilt for what he has done, Koichi remains distant from the group as they travel on Angler to the Rose Morning Star. Jigoku no Shisha Forest Village ” Japanese:

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At the same time, someone opens a hole in the barrier for Takuya, Koichi, Zoe, J. While they have lost again, Takuya is determined that they will find a way to win and restore the world.

The Toucanmon, with the boys D-Tectors fly to Island. Trailmon takes the kids to an underwater cave where they meet divimon Whamon who was stuck there zephrmon to the likes of Grumblemon.

Takuya and Koji quickly evolve to EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon to do battle but don’t fight as they are scared of hurting the eggs. World series World 2 3 4 Re: Bolgmon’s Do-or-Die Challenge”” Transcription: Lucemon orders them to travel to the moon and kill ze;hyrmon gang. The rest show up and in the fight, Zoe loses her spirit to Gigasmon when she pushed Tommy out of the line of fire.


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As the Knights approach, an army of Digimon made up of ZanbamonGryphonmonPteramonGranKuwagamon and five Rpisode arrive to try to stop them, but are easily destroyed. There they confront the Digimon who reveal themselves to be the Royal Knights, Dynasmon and Crusadermon who used to protect the Digital World but now serve Lucemon.

Koji looks for his Beast Spirit with Bokomon and Neemon following. Shinka surun da Tsunomon ” Japanese: The Royal Knights destroy Nefertimon and scan the data of the area, sending it to Lucemon and finally freeing him from his prison. All Koichi knows is that Cherubimon is collecting data for an unknown reason and the group spirit evolves to episodr their way into the castle. EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon attack Lucemon, but have absolutely no effect on him and he retaliates, reverting EmperorGreymon into Takuya and cracking the surface of the moon.

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In the remains of the Digital World, Digion meets with the Royal Knights and is annoyed by their demanding the key to reaching and ruling the human epksode and Crusadermon’s lack of faith in his promise to give it to them.

All but Bokomon and Neemon are suddenly sucked up into a giant structure made of ten orbs, the Beast Warrior of Steel, Sakkakumon. Agunimon isn’t even able to stop them with fire, but just when it looks like things are over for him, Tommy’s courage to help summons the Human Spirit of Ice, Kumamon.

Baromon takes the group to the Tunnel of History where he shows them what has led up to this point: He takes Gigasmon’s Beast Spirit and retrieves Tommy’s human one, but before he can get Zoe’s back, Gigasmon turns back into Grumblemon who runs away.

Takuya and Kouji’s Ultimate Evolution! EmperorGreymon blows the Knights away, but they still collect the data as they go and take off to deliver it to Lucemon while EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon take their friends to safety.

Seeing the data streams Lucemon is sending out into space to create his portal, the group has Patamon, Lopmon and Salamon push the rock they are on towards the Dark Area and are shocked when a portal starts to form and shows Shibuya. Realizing that Takuya and Koji are still stuck inside Sakkakumon, J. Desperate to save Tommy, Takuya takes a chance and digivolves to BurningGreymon and is in complete control this time. The group realizes it has to be Ophanimon as Seraphimon is now Patamon and are excited as they are now close to the Rose Morning Star and finally meeting Ophanimon in person.


The group discovers the Toucanmon gone and quickly chase after them to get their D-Tectors back. Taiketsu Kerubimon no Shiro ” Japanese: In Canada, the series aired on YTV. Tommy, who was bullied into coming, tries to chase the Trailmon that brought them to the Digital World and comes into danger when he runs out onto the train tracks over open space.

Zephyrmob apologizes to frontidr friends for not being able to be with diginon further though frpntier has no regrets and sends the Spirits of Darkness to Koji before being scanned by Lucemon.

Arbormon digivolves to Petaldramon and attacks, but Takuya and Koji hold him off while Datamon gives Tommy back his D-Tector and reveals he programmed his Beast Spirit of Ice into it which was the prize of the game he had earlier won. Lucemon zephrymon the gang with his “Tide of Despair” attack, reverting them to human form and sending them crashing back to the ruined Trailmon Station.

Koji finally steps up to fight, evolving to Beowolfmon and teaming with Aldamon against Velgemon. With the help of the Starmon and some Burgermon who are friends with the Burgermon they helped previously, they launch themselves in a rocket to the Digital World at the one point in time when the Electromagnetic Stream can be crossed.

The Royal Knights take Katsuharu, his friends and Tommy to a village called Beanstalk Village that has a giant beanstalk in the middle. As a gesture of friendship, Sepkimon uses his boomerang to guide the three to their friends who are being tickle tortured to give up their Spirits.

A New Legend’s Start” Transcription: Bokomon learns from his book that if Digimon go to the human world, they will cause utter chaos and eventually destroy it. Enraged, Dynasmon tries to use his “Breath of Wyvern” attack to destroy EmperorGreymon, but EmperorGreymon easily destroys the attack and finishes Dynasmon with a strike from his sword.