Season 7 Episode Apply to be a Writer Report page Share this. Of course JJ has changed since leaving she’s been in the pentagon and has probably seen some horrible shit do she’s gonna come out more jaded and tough. I want huge amounts of time spent showing much more of Reid’s genius abilities and quirks. I felt like it was just tacked on at the beginning and end. They act like they don’t even like him. I’m guessing maybe the haircut was not as aggressive on the first few victims, but I don’t know.

Confused about who Greg is? The Complete Seventh Season. It seemed like this writer actually listened to what the fans want and tried to give it to us. Anyway, I don’t think that scene warrants any kind of fuss. When several mutilated bodies are discovered following a series of devastating tornadoes in Wichita, Kansas , the BAU sets out to catch a Frankenstein -esque killer with a sinister motive. I can overlook the thing of JJ getting that the shape was a heart because Reid might have been looking for something more logical although I wonder how the unsub conveniently found 3 blonde women in just the right locations. It is a minor thing in a single episode, but it has been a theme over the season. Which was darn nice of her, considering all the young girls that her husband murdered.

When several minnds victims are found throughout California ‘s Angeles National Forestthe BAU concludes they are dealing with a killer who is determined to find out what happens after death. If the next episode doesn’t have good profiling I think I will break something.

I did like this episode a lot, one of the best of this season. Hotch “Sooner murder an infant in its cradle than nurse un-acted desires. I’m guessing maybe the haircut was not as aggressive on the first few victims, but I don’t know.

However, while what diviinng is of it is good and there is less conclusion-jumping, accuracy and over-convenience there could have been much more profiling, and more development of the old killer instead of rushing onto the present day plot almost straightaway.

I do hope that Reid does get more criminql time after all the hectic changes in the past two years die down. Showing 2 of 2 threads for this page.


It’s like he’s literally been dumbed down. Archived from the original on March 22, Retrieved March 6, He never declined a handshake once the person extended a hand. Retrieved October 11, Meanwhile, Reid wonders if he should be doing more with his abilities after meeting a fellow prodigy at a seminar hosted by Patricia Cornwell.

Over all I give the case a high score but team interactions a low score. Articles with short description Use mdy dates from October TV. The whole plot was great.

Bruce Zimmerman directed by: Posted by Vardulon at 6: I originally hated Machismo the first time I watched it but grew to like it. Greg and Derek stop by the prison to get some background on the killer – he never contacted anyone but his wife, who was the only person that visited him. When a teenage boy is found wandering the Arizona desert and another boy goes missing that same mimds, the BAU suspects a local woman may hold the key to the kidnapper’s identity.

Why do they have to dumb down some of the other characters to show how awesome JJ is? If anything, it’s an average episode that shines with the team but disappoints somewhat with the case. Full Cast and Crew. Kyle Gallner and Madeleine Martin guest-starred as Catherine’s children, James and Lara, who followed in her footsteps. Season of television series Criminal Minds. In the episode “Unknown Subject”, Jay Karnes mijds as Hamilton Bartholomew, aka “The Piano Man”, a serial rapist who is assaulting the victims he previously raped.

Only time Hotch ever showed any anger was when he did kill Foyet, although his reason for killing Foyet was good I am not convince it wasn’t out of anger and revenge.

We didn’t seen the unsub 12 seconds after the start of the episode, the team did work the case, did the profiling. Retrieved October 4, Meanwhile, Rossi attempts to convince Hotch to take Beth on a date. We got to see a bit more profiling into that criminal’s mind instead of just staring at the crime-spree’ing crlminal for half the show.


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It just felt to me at the time I watched that they were deliberately doing it to show JJ as right and Reid as wrong to make her look better. I think it’s connected to the fact she’s going to leave at the end of synopsus season but it sounded really weak.

Witnessing her devotion to her husband, Kohler grew obsessed with Helen and wanted Rodney out of the way so he could have her himself. I’m one happy camper right now.

Divining Rod

She was also the one who connected the dots in In Birth and Death and while she was not a profiler, no one took mnds that she did break the case while Morgan and Reid didn’t. In the episode “Heathridge Manor”, Juliet Landau guest-starred as Catherine Heathridge, a textile heiress who suffered a psychotic reaction to a Shakespeare play that convinced her that the lead actresses were “The Devil’s Wives”, prompting her to murder them.

If it is titled “Profiling ” it better have good profiling. Why can’t they do that for him? Criminal Minds News Season I remember Hotch tapping Reid’s arm to shut him up. Caught the subtleties with Prentiss “the cases just pile up” David Rossi Paget Brewster I thought Hotch nudging Reid showed familiarity, not contempt. I want huge amounts of time spent showing the team interacting with each other.

Reid wasn’t sure if it was the victim’s own doing a fashion statement like he said, which was not an unreasonable possibility or something crimijal. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Penelope Garcia Thomas Gibson Really loved the bond between the team, which is like a family, and there are some delightful moments of character and interaction. Whoops, sorry I mixed the writers up. The JJ scenes didn’t bother me.