I thought it was the man who told the servant that the baby should have been buried instead of abandoned. Thus the boy Iljimae grows up privileged and loved, although his adopted father does insist he learn martial arts to toughen him up, to offset his too-pretty face. I have been receiving positive comments about it so I may give it another try. Thanks for the recap, I have been looking for it for two days. This drama surprised me Kim Min Jong Main Cast. It really seems interesting!

Page 1 Page 2 Next page. This may be my favorite aspect so far. This drama is so beautiful, i love it. This lands Iljimae in trouble, because afterward, the mean son is spitting mad at being beaten and demands punishment. Ahn Kil Kang Supporting Cast. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I have been waiting for this drama almost as much as I have been waiting for BBF.

Aside from a few moments in the modern part, he carried off the intense looks and hard stares well. I just wish I could understand everything they were saying. Lovely recaps but then I really hope someone would sub this drama. Wang Hweng-bo leads Iljimae to the lljimae of his birth father, the government official Kim Joong-hwan.

A few times I think they were in danger of making a serious moment unintentionally amusing, so that could be one area to watch, but I appreciate the absence of the slapstick.

There are rumors that she had given dramcrazy to a baby and been kicked out of her home, which means the jewelry was given by her former master. He cuts Iljimae loose and they hurry onboard. Some days later, the beggar once again goes out rramacrazy beg another woman to nurse the baby.


Kang Nam Gil Supporting Cast.

I tend to feel the matriarch had the baby set in a crib on the river, and the servant was charged to find and kill the baby once its survival was discovered. I didn’t watch epjsode one, maybe I will start wiht this one,hopefully it will be sub.

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Jung Da Bin Supporting Cast. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

Javabeans, the thing I talked you about? And the actress, i love her look although people around me said that she looks too old for her age. Kim Min Jong Main Cast. The story was also too overwrought for my taste.

Jen, yes they speak Korean. It’s really long and I suppose that the voice is telling the story in the main girl’s when she gets older? He attempts some traditional fighting maneuvers, but his blows hardly register on the giant, so it takes some swift moving to get the better of him. He speaks some Korean but is unfamiliar with Korean customs, and sees everything through the dramarazy of a fascinated foreigner.

I have been waiting for this drama almost as much as I have been waiting for BBF. Are you intending to recap this drama? Community hasn’t filled out any information yet.

With that, they split up. Park Shi Hoo Main Cast. Bae lectures him on proper etiquette, which he says Iljimae is sorely lacking. He appeals to his superior, but the chief would rather jail someone than no one with his reputation at stakeand takes a hard line with Baek-mae.


Lee Moon Shik Supporting Cast. The boy and his buddies outnumber Iljimae, but are no match for his skills. Longing is exactly that feeling that gets me! Thanks, Sarah, for the recap.

The Return of Iljimae

I didn’t know why many people complained about the narrated voice at first, but when I actually watch ep 1, the voice really gets to me.

I enjoyed the first two episodes, and I loved the music and visual aesthetics. Jung Il-Woo is sooo incredibly pretty. Mina January 2, at 2: As he looks up and spots her, the girl hides, then dashes off along a mountain path.

But Gu, determined to save the woman he loves, finds out as much as he can in order to clear her name. Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Iljimae returns to the only home he has known and takes out his anger on the wealthy ruling class. After iljmiae initial meeting, he goes back to the gisaeng house nightly to gaze at her from the shadows.