Tiffany gives Bernadette the confidence she needs. Whitney receives some worrying news. Carmel seeks further commitment from Max. Kim fears the worst about Vincent. Loyalties and motives in the square are questioned. Vincent struggles with Aidan’s demands. She’ll do just fine!

She’ll provide, but leave raising her daughter to a nanny. See Full Schedule for additional timezones and information. Honey reels from her discovery. Whitney begins to have doubts. Bex is torn by her future. The Slaters celebrate Valentine’s Day. Mel makes a drastic decision about the future.

Louise offers some advice easyenders Bex. Robbie attempts to make his mark. Jay steps in to help Phil. Billy reels from recent events. Linda fears for what lies ahead. Kush confides in Stacey.

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Comic Relief 6min Episode 0. Michelle gets an unexpected visitor. Shirley opens up to Linda. One young woman who was far less forgiving of her remaining parent was Lucy Beale, as collections agents started to sniff around their house in search of payment.


Episide has a proposition for Kush.

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Bex seeks advice from Stacey. Iqra and Habiba prepare eipsode do battle with The Vic. Build up your profile with programmes that you like, personalise your grid and set some reminders. EastEnders 18 76 0.

Next on Thursday Back to Ours 0. EastEnders 14 0. Fi desperately tries to keep her family together. Mel’s worst fears are confirmed. EastEnders 18 1 0.

Pam makes a big decision. Next on Friday Bex grows paranoid about her relationship with Shaki. Lauren receives a surprise visitor.


Tina finds herself in a terrifying situation. Will he pass the test?

Kim gives Vincent an ultimatum. Ruby and Jay attempt another date.

Lauren confides in Whitney. Tina grows concerned about Sonia. Eastenders – 15 Years Of Eastenders. Sharon comes up with an idea to solve all her problems.

Kush’s behaviour spirals out eadtenders control. But while some might have been distracted by the upcoming opening ceremonies, the real excitement was right where it always is: Keegan struggles and makes a bad decision. One resident is faced with a tough decision.