Please don’t sugar coat the past. Civil Rights are for everyone, therefore they can be understood by everyone–not just those outside the spectrum of normalcy. But this book is about so much more than the way maids were treated in s Jackson, Mississippi. But it simply didn’t effect me. You gone have to ask yourself, “Am I gone believe what them fools say about me today? I presume that was necessary because they needed to be contemporaries of Skeeter, and she needed to be young, but it still made me question the story in broader terms. They had told about their experiences working for White people I always expect so much from a book which my friends love and this is one book which not only my friends but whole world love. She falls in and out of love, she has ambitions to get out of town, her mother has a whole supporting storyline, her life is allowed to exist out of relation to the help — whereas most of what we see of their lives save a chapter or two of Aibelene’s in the beginning, which I enjoyed, their coping with the assassination of Medgar Evers, and a small bit about Minny and her husband at the end mostly has to do with their maid job.

If you live on Park Avenue, chances are NYC street gangs aren’t going to break into your penthouse and mug you. And I was charmed by it, rooted for it, when that was the message of Aibileen’s disguised stories meant to counteract the racism that Mae Mobley would absorb growing up. Aibillen is on the receiving end of much loss, regret. Lists with This Book. Dreaming of writing in New York feels a little cliche. View all 34 comments.

She can cook like nobody’s business, but she can’t mind her tongue, so she’s lost yet another job. Drie vrouwen zijn het allesbepalende racisme meer dan zat en besluiten dat de verschillen tussen hen minder belangrijk zijn dan de overeenkomsten. I enjoyed Kathryn Stockett’s writing as I thought she did an excellent job at creating tension,painting an image and giving the characters complexities. When the two meet Skeeter, a young white woman who wants to write about the hardships black maids face, they don’t realize they are about to shake their small town of Jackson, Mississippi.


Some of the things Aibileen and Minny had to face made me so sad, how people treated them worse off just because of something they couldn’t even control: Sep 25, Pradnya K.

The final voice is Skeeter, the daughter of a plantation owner who has returned from college and is shocked to discover flim the beloved maid who raised her has gone, and no one will tell her why. And I wonder how many people just watched the I read this book at least 4 years ago, before I began to more consistently use Goodreads Clearly, the book held my interest.

I mean, one character makes another literally eat her shit, and kdukenmeidenroman most abhorrent white lady is slapped with a vague suggestion of having herpes at the end, randomly and apropos of nothing.

The Help, at its core divulges the alienation and the segregation suffered by the black maids, who were trusted enough to play a pivotal role, or sometimes the only role, in raising the white babies. Another white lady trying to make a dollar off of colored people….

So yes, I recommend reading it if you are looking for a historical fiction novel that is a fast, but not an entirely ‘light’ read. I had forgotten about her controlling mother and her lack of love life, and, well.


It was incomprehensibly boring and so bad, but yet, the education system forces hapless teenagers into reading it. Preview — Een keukenmeidenroman by Kathryn Stockett. It was every day from to waiting by the screen door for them beatings to be over.

It’s just so beautiful. They learn, grow, awaken, and take some control over the future. The whole being topped with sad stories about social injustice and they weren’t as moving as you’d think. Morgen ben ik weer thuis. Her story is People may look at the status updates I’ve made about The Help and then wonder why I’m giving this book only two stars.

All because it’s old, and therefore, a ‘classic’. Occasionally it seems like she gets it right but most of the time, I’d say not.

Her tactics got old, fast, as they are hackneyed and gimmicky. It was entertaining, but something of an uncomfortable read- many previous reviews have pointed out the inconsistent use of dialect for the black and white characters, and the stereotyping.


The characters are very clear and strong. The first third of the book establishes the main characters and their situation and relationships; the rest of it revolves around a This is a powerful story about women’s relationships with each other, and how they are affected by race and classtold from the viewpoints of three women two black maids and a young white woman.

Een keukenmeidenroman by Kathryn Stockett (4 star ratings)

Miss Skeeter, an empathetic white lady, naive and timid but kind and good-hearted. I got so lost in the story, and not in a good way.

For women to realize, we are just two people. So yeah, The Help is enjoyable, but on a very superficial level. And I know she ain’t saying what she want a say either and it’s a strange thing happening here cause nobody saying nothing and we still managing to have us a conversation”. It seems counter-productive to include her as the protagonist, while the main focus is about the lives and struggles of segregation- something that doesn’t affect Skeeter nearly as much as it does Minny and Aibileen.

Because of the messages it conveyed. SO I committed a bookish crime and saw the movie before I read the book oh god I hate myself! The protagonist’s development throughout the book was great as well.

When Minnie’s first chapter hopped along in The HelpI prepared myself for an unconvincing spin on Aibileen’s narrative, a pasty twist of the vernacular that had been spewed out in the first paragraph. It was the time of civil right movement and the book covers glimpses of those as well. Her story really reached out to me. Kathryn Stockett was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi.

Drie vrouwen zijn het allesbepalende racisme meer dan zat en besluiten dat de verschillen tussen hen minder belangrijk zijn dan de overeenkomsten. It’s a snooze-fest, really. But Aibileen trusted her and so did Skeeter and things changed afterwards.