She is singing how where this girl is hiding the girl he is painting a picture of. I am really thankful to the show for giving me so much fame and recognition. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Kanno comes and says we will also talk to Sudhir. This is getting excessively. Congrats to the whole team Prathna asks Poonam to see the baraat and asks her to get ready. Akash asks Vandana to do the aarti and Tilak.

Nandini tells Tara that she has found her prince charming. She says that everytime she thinks about this haveli,…. Ishita comes to him and inquires as to why he needed to consume so much chicken when it was…. Poonam makes her ready for the wedding. Kanno comes and says we will also talk to Sudhir. Prathna looks at Akash.

Shashikant and everyone welcome zeptember guests. Poonam takes her with her. The sibilings playfully fight. Mukta tries to hurried to them, however yuvaan… View On WordPress.

Poonam sees Akash and he smiles. Rani is tensed seeing Ghat. Akash says Prathna is looking very beautiful. Like 0 Dislike 0. Like 0 Dislike 0.


Ek ghar banaunga written episode 10 october – Shaktimaan episode

The Episode begins with Poonam conversing with the peon about who can do this trick. Romi is having stomach hurt as he consumed a lot of chicken.

Prathna says I m looking bad and feeling unwell. Aditya says that he missed Nandini, and Nandini replies of course I am princess and that she has many men in line for her.

He sees Poonam and gets lost in her beauty. He says I have some work and leaves. Tara says yes and the sibilings began to peisode. Prathna meets Akash and hugs him.

2nd June 2014 Written Update Today Full Episode

He dont talk anything and gone. Mritunjay says he has done his untam sanskar. My character of Akash has progressed and has helped to evolve in the show.

Mangla sees Kanno taking Sudhir with her. Monica Didi and Mama have an argument. Shyamalbhai persuades Jagya to concur for a bhar organization extend in Jaister.


Mama goes inside the house to take his dupatta and talks to Monica Didi. Hetal says she is dozing and goes to her room. Tara attempts to have her mom listen banaungw her but in vain.

Ek Boond Ishq 10th September Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

To chat, type message and send Sb direct chat: Nandini looks at Tara confusingly. She starts talking about her prince charming dream.

Kanno argues with Poonam. Avinash asks Madhu to mind her tongue. Poonam smiles and looks into the mirror.

Bela offers cash to Raghu and…. Naksh gets unwell and swoons. Rani asks Sudhir to have juice.