Badarinarayan on Art of Lying: Now someone comes and speaks badly about your ancestry, what will be your response? As per WikiPedia “Varahamihira” was a astrologer too. Happy to know that you and your wife also are the fans for this Enge Brahmanan, as our entire family gets glued during then. What was a great knowledge back then, may be a trivial thing now, obscene now or even obsolete now. If you have not seen persons who used to see the sun in naked eye,please confirm with your wife,she being a Brahmin she would have seen her parental family members while they were looking the sun and the postures they adapt. He thought that not traveling in a car and not allowing his wife to buy costly Saris was sufficient for him to be identified as a Brahmin.

Apr 27, Surya Hrithick marked it as to-read. Here the endeavour of Vasishta represented by the hero was to try to live as a true Brahmin. I hope there needs no explanation about solar eclipse. I am sure you will not conduct a conference, debate and establish facts in scientific ways. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here It is the same sense of feeling. Please my coverage of almost all the episodes in my blog, see: I do my job, without passion, nay, interest.

It is a pity that the wider audience do not feel the same. How is it going to better the life of the common man who eplsodes day in day out just to make ends meet. But, what distinguishes this book is his effort to explain a number of rituals and ceremonies performed by Hindus while answering the key question of who really is a Brahmin.


We are supposed to take his word for it. Enge Brahmanan by Cho Ramaswamy.

Apparently, during this period, it is daybreak for the Devas of the celestial world and one must spend all their time worshipping them and not involve egne in other mundane activities. Well, your words aroused me, to see your profile,after doing it,I was taken into surprise. Jul 05, Chandarsekar rated it it was amazing. It is a proof that a true Brahmin is not define by birth, caste or occupation but by his qualities and nature.

Enge Brahmanan 2 – Episode 1 – 14 Dec – Part I ~ Enge Brahmanan

Cho Ramaswamy has dealt this question of who a true Brahmin is in the form of a story woven with characters whose behavior defies their so called qualifications economic, birth, caste, social status etc. Brahkanan About Enge Brahmanan. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: He sided with a corrupt politician to get him elected so that the temple could be repaired.

That’s the vision we should all possess and adore. I don’t know about the book. Yes, I know I claimed that I see the serial only occasionally and yet I am free with my assessment. At a time, when logical reasoning and rational thinking are the need of the hour, efforts such as Enge Brahmanan should be vehemently discouraged.


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Please my coverage of almost all the episodes in my blog, see: Now,in this busy world, though we say that the world is shrinking, we do not find time to go to temple and devote sometime there to gain mental piece.

In simple statement, if you say you are a brahmin, you act like one: The main problem occurs because of dull witted people like the author of this article. No trivia or quizzes yet. Karthic Sundar rated it liked it Jun 13, You are commenting using your WordPress.


Enge Brahmanan

If you say you are a christian, better behave like one. I have read your comments about Mr. So my humble request is, either while watching or reading please epieodes because words of eminent blog writers like you is highly respected,so your comments by far should stand behond questionable.

He is the founder and editor of the Tamil magazine, Thuglak. The book cites evidence from vedas and puranas to drive home the fact that varnas are not based on birth – as is usually perceived- but are based on one’s deeds and actions.

His view points changed. Varnas are not based on birth. Some time back I too joined in search of the elusive Brahmin and concludedwhat Thiruvalluvar did thousands of years ago: Arvind Iyer rated it it was amazing Jan 27, Later after election when he confronts the corrupt politicianhe flies in high rage.

How can an ordinary day be compared with solar eclipse? Books by Cho Ramaswamy. Cho says we have a whole bunch of hypocrites who go to temple, do this and do that just to have short term pleasures instead of making sincere effort to understand the everlasting reality, which is the oneness in everything.