Sheldon’s attempt to order Star Trek memorabilia doesn’t go as planned. Check out the breasts on this girl. Episode 1 Pilot 2. List of TV Subreddits. The Date Night Variable 6x Will the Big Bang theory last into the next century or even the next decade?

They are colleagues, best friends, and roommates, although in all capacities their relationship is always tested primarily by Sheldon’s regimented, deeply eccentric, and non-conventional ways. I wish we could have seen what had happened after the guys entered the room with the ladies discussing all the comic book stuff. Bernadette’s dislike of children bothers Howard. Browse the Latest Snapshot. At first it was sort of “ok”, since it was the point of view of Penny and the other girls, but when pretty much everyone but Raj came to that conclusion? Episode 11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly The only part of this episode I liked was Sheldon at the diner.

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Sheldon’s envlish at the diner was heartbreaking, but I think it was done so the scene after it, with them discovering the girls talking comics, would give them such a shock, to take them right back into their fantasy world, and at the same time, realizing they’re not that odd after all.

This episode was full of great moments like the GPS, the photoshoot, and the girls’ comic book discussion.

Log in or sign up in seconds. Karen Fox provides clear answers to some of the hardest questions including: One of the most well-known theories in modern science, the Big Bang is the most accurate model yet devised in humanity’s tireless serach for the ultimate moment of creation.


The Spoiler Alert Segmentation 6x Check out the breasts on this girl. Even though I don’t have much in common with any of the characters, I find that it still resonates within me, and I immensely enjoy every episode though Howard creeps me out sometimes. DTS Kbps 6ch Language The Big Bang Theory s03e23 p dual audio corrigido.

I found it pretty distracting! The foursome spend their time working on their individual work projects, playing video games, watching science-fiction movies, or reading comic books.

Episode 17 The Tangerine Factor Subtitles included fully sync. Enjoyable episode but as a Star Trek geek I paused s06e1 told my wife they had their phasers holstered wrong.

Him saying “I feel stupid” feels like it’s a step towards becoming more like the others, which I like.

Penny receives a very unusual gift from Amy. Amy gets inadvertently caught in the middle of a fight between Sheldon and Penny. The Tangible Affection Proof 6x In the past it seems that the other 3 guys always knew dressing up wasn’t cool in the conventional sense of the word, yet Sheldon did feel as though it was cool.

Is the theory at odds with new scientific findings? There was some hot hot sex going on! Torrents by keyword “the big bang”. Episode 12 The Jerusalem Duality They’re real and theoory spectacular.

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Am I the only one that thought that was a really big cliffhanger? I didn’t find it patronizing at all. What’s up with that high ripping on cosplay over the whole episode? The Tenure Turbulence 6x I must say, this was one englixh the better episodes that I’ve seen in a while.


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Bernadette’s dislike of children bothers Howard. Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon a pair of Star Trek keepsake collectibles, not knowing the effect it would have theeory Sheldon.

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Episode 7 The Dumpling Paradox 8. She gave a blowjob like you wouldn’t believe. Sheldon said he felt stupid dressed up. a06e13

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The photoshoot scene had me laughing. List of TV Subreddits. Will the Big Bang theory last into the next century or even the next decade? Theroy Krantz Sito ufficiale: Episode 15 The Pork Chop Indeterminacy She has a mighty fine ass also.

Episode 9 The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization I thought it was a great episode. The Fish Guts Displacement 6x Episode 2 The Big Bran Hypothesis 3.

That was a pretty good scene for him. Don’t take my word for it. To me it was “we left the keys in the car and it was stolen. I don’t think so because of the ending, but I wonder englixh they will build on what Sheldon said about feeling like an idiot. The Holographic Excitation 6x