Deciding to build a drag racing arena with an accurate stopwatch to time horse speeds Horsing around with BdoubleO Extricating himself from a tricky caving situation Starting to build the track Breeding his horse with BdoubleO’s. Trading with Nebris Visiting the quad spider spawner for string and making dispensers Experimenting with ideas for an underwater home Building an artificial island for the villagers Showing the completed rail to the blaze farm. Reaction to being signed up for generikb’s cat fancy service Planing for EthoCorp to follow a similar business strategy Making over generik’s daycare as part of EthoCorp’s free “Von Sway” decorating service with BdoubleO and Guude. Clearing out the nether fortress beneath the blaze farm Using TNT to remove excess netherrack Making a spot in the nether hub for the blaze farm. It is a private whitelisted server. Trading with Beef Working on the track and jumping test area at the racetrack Instituting a method for server wide death games. Sky Shrooms Part 1 “. Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance.

Inspecting Vintage Beef’s castle and finding mushroom mold Discussing his new build Making improvements to the slime farm Addressing Zisteau’s montage battle. Changes to the blaze farm Cleaning up after Zisteau’s modifications to his cave. Putting some shovels in MC’s fairy fountain Defining the area near spawn and making a monster tree Telling a story about the bug in his lunch Visiting the block exchange. Reaction to being signed up for generikb’s cat fancy service Planing for EthoCorp to follow a similar business strategy Making over generik’s daycare as part of EthoCorp’s free “Von Sway” decorating service with BdoubleO and Guude. Making a ghast and zombie pigmen farm in the Nether using iron golems Discussing the removal of UHC mode. Touring his cave base, mob system, cow, flower and reed farms and trading systems Touring his jungle base and mob system Visiting the pet store and ice tray at spawn Touring the Nether hub expansions and the dual blaze farm Playing the trivia game at Guudeland. Working on the building for the first capture point Discussing all the games he is currently playing Testing Rockm Sockm Robots at Seth’s place.

Etho/videos – The Unofficial Fan-Run MindCrack and HermitCraft Wiki

Reading the signs left by Baj on the chicken prank Working the central storage area Addressing Zisteau’s montage battle Dropping anvils on people in the arena. See Killing the Enderdragon. Collecting all unattended crafting benches and securing them in a vault for the community Moving animals to ethoslba a space at spawn for the death games Setting up the redstone for the death games.


At the Nether Hub At the Blaze farm constructing a walkway An attempt at encapsulating a epislde fire ball. Making a portal at Ethopia that toggles between two locations. Planning out his new base Exploring the jungle Visiting Nebris’ base for ideas Digging TNT tunnels, protecting spawners and starting to hollow out the base.

Working on the PVP area Window shopping at spawn.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 132: Capture Points

Slaying of the Wither. Then we fight the wither Attempting to kill mcgamer Visiting Doc’s treehouse Working on a brewing station at the blaze etboslab. This page has been accessed 18, times. From the unofficial fan-run MindCrack and HermitCraft wiki.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Building a pond Working on his road Building a T-Rex statue.

Discussing changes at spawn Making a storage area under his lab. Starting episoxe pet store at the Spawn village. Looking at new buildings around spawn Etgoslab the Nether Hub portal and making a quarts detail Discussing his quartz trip. Killing himself with an anvil to get back to spawn Explaining his lack of videos on the server, his history on the server, and his future goals on the server Discovering zombie pigman are influencing the carts and trying to fix it Working on Nether track to the End portal.

Finding the repaired sword BdoubleO left and showing his planted Nether track Penning a zombie to keep as a pet. Discovering the Death Games building has been replaced with granite by Arkas Getting revenge by littering sunflowers around Arkas’ base Starting his tree base, mijdcrack with designs Exploring the Nether fortress with SethBling Collecting mushroom blocks.

Collecting mycelium and growing mushrooms Giving BdoubleO food in payment Collecting ice blocks from Beef and placing them in the blaze farm ethoslzb room Using TNT to expand the strip mine.

Working on building a mushroom farm nether track to his cave. Pranking Zisteau with Team Canada by covering his base in paintings.

A boat prank on Guude. Making mindcrwck ice farm in the spawn village Extending the rail to the blaze farm and decoraing it with ice Discussing his philosophy on emeralds and paper farming Firing Nebris from Sheryl and a vertical canon.

It is a private whitelisted server.

Constructing a building to hold supplies and amenities ethoslah those working on the PVP game Killing a Wither underwater. Exploring an intersecting ravine Starting to make Wither spawning pads Talking about the server being down due to Hurricane Sandy.


Trading with Beef Working on the track and jumping test area at the racetrack Instituting a method for server wide death games.

Sky Shrooms Part 3 “. Apologies again for the loud wither sounds, I forgot to shush episoe before the fight. Improving the horse timer Trying to do horse wheelies with BdoubleO Discussing etthoslab plans for the Nether hub Starting a blaze farm.

Montage of clips from episodes end of season 3 on the MindCrack server. Be the first one to write a review. Today we work at setting up a simple little building to house the supplies and other things needed to help expedite building of the pvp arena.

Admiring the B-Team efforts clearing out his ethozlab base Getting a tour of thejims bases Looking at the pits in the subway station and other homes in the spawn town Discussing UHC and using snapshots on the serve.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 133: Worker Shack

Adding lava blades to the slime farm Designing the water mechanisms for the slime farm Cow farm. Adding water into the Nether before the 1. Worker Shack Movies Preview. Freeing, storing and displaying the animals the B-Team left in his pet shop Cleaning up the result of the “riot” at the quartz shop Discussing what might be sold in the shop.

G-All Nether Mod Prank”. Trying to ethoslqb all the tracks affected by the Nether hub expansion Working with Baj and BdoubleO to design the shops.

Working on the modular hexagonal buildings in Ethopia Exploring spawn, visiting the new Minddrack Fountain and buying some enchanted books Peaking at Adlington’s new build in spawn. Sky Shrooms Part 2 “. Episore left hand controls Practicing aiming in mindcrqck combat, discussing advantages of low ground and blocking Practicing archery and discussing strategies of attacking and evading and ways to get bows Testing their PVP skills against each other.

Finding his base covered in American symbols and floored in Netherack Deciding on a style for his grass rings and starting to construct them. Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena.