I also think it requires A LOT of work to sync the subtitles. Options that affect which codec is to be used have to be searched in input If codec type is not selected then first elementary stream suitable for subtitle is selected, please consider -teletext -noteletext override this option. I know MEncoder can do this. As there are a lot more programs that can work with subtitles in this format you should have better luck finding something which can hard-code them into your videos. Check his page for lots of information on closed captions technical details. However the only output format which supports them is TS so you’ll have to save your edited WTV files to TS for the subtitles to be preserved. Almost every player can use them. The GUI source code is provided and can be used for reference.

This page is no longer maintained. As Dan wrote, subtitles in wtv format has low priority This parameter may be needed if -datapid or -datastreamtype is used and CCExtractor cannot determine how to process the stream. If there is no such window, then no text will be added. CCExtractor generates files in the two most common formats: When in roll-up mode, write character by character instead of line by line.

Current this only affects Teletext in timed transcript with -datets. You just need to name the. Time can be seconds, MM: Is there any way to get to see the subtitles on a DVD, or on a media streamer etc.?

Have you any ideas i can try If this parameter is not specified and CCExtractor detects more than one program in the input, it will list the programs found and terminate without doing anything, unless -autoprogram see below is used.

Just run it without parameters and you will get complete details. MC-TVConverter uses CCExtractor to extract the subtitles and the developer has not implemented the feature to extract subtitles from recordings from Europe my location. If it shows subtitle information in that dialog then it has DVB subtitles which we support. So if you use -srt -startat 3: A couple of tools already call CCExtractor as part their video process – this way they get subtitle support for free.


Alternatively, a custom hue value between 1 and may also be specified.

If you need to force the video track to be processed instead use this option. These indicate crom the next things should be displayed or not in the timed transcript. I know the file contains both subtitle in danish and teletext It can do two things: A ts file I could potentially play with Xtreamer but then I need a way to convert the wfv files to ts and keep subtitles alt.

If you get bad timing, this might solve it. How long does it take to process a MPEG file?

Make pipeline like this, and then get the PES data from fakesink callback. They use a proprietary format which we have not form been able to decipher.

Extract Teletext subtitles – VideoHelp Forum

Last edited 9th June at If you need to submit a bug report, please send the output from this option. IRa New member Jan 11, On the output side both formats are only retained when saving to TS. The original CC are converted to subtitles and burned in.

Note that this may break files when using Windows.

Teletext and subtitle support?

Frmo can pass as many input files as you need. Is there any way to get to see the subtitles on a DVD, or on a media streamer etc? Basically, you just give it the input file name, like this: What’s a bin file? Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Not needed if the TS only has one.

While it is starting to be useful, it’s a work in progress.

It has defenitly some kind of subtitles inside WMC 7 at least. Output will be one single file either raw or srt. Froom the optional parameter secs is present, it means the number of seconds without any new data after which ccextractor should exit.


I can’t either find any indication that there is a subtitle when I open the file in VRD.

.Wtv to Wmv With Embedded Subtitles

Hi, I’m also testing and thinking to upgrade to TVSuite V4 but basically only reason to do this would be to be able to find a way to play recorded WTV files with subtitles in another place than Windows 7 Media center.

This is used for debugging purposes to see the contents of each PES packet header. Now they do use the standard DVB format for subtitles, so those we are able to support.

Where can I download it? If having 3 or 4 lines annoys you you can use -ru to force the decoder to always use 1, 2 or 3 lines.

I would buy the software off of YOU!! This is a format that we made up for CCExtractor, i. I know MEncoder can do this. Only useful for for debugging purposes. This is hardly practical if you are archiving HDTV shows for example. This page is no longer maintained. How can I contribute to this project? This is currently implemented in teletext because it’s where samples files that could benefit from this were available.

In the end, I would like to create a DVD with my recording including subtitles. Input formats With the exception of McPoodle’s raw format, which is just the closed caption data with no other info, CCExtractor can usually detect the input format correctly.

Use this switch only when needed. I’ve been searching for a tool that can convert.