Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. And in a few years time, itll be time for them to move on. And Scar is like the Bob Ross of Minecraft, I put his stuff on in the background just to chill and whenever I watch it’s super inspiring on multiple levels. As someone who has an interest in UX and UI design, turning off thumbnails would decrease viewership universally. It’s only fair that he’d pander to them. My stance on this is that the newer generation of Minecraft players just play imo boring mini games instead of the normal creative creation. I’m not in the market of misleading my audience for views. His redstone creations are crazy.

My kid is a prude. Yes, it’s more attention grabbing, but again, I feel I have to do this, and do it in a way that’s respectful, that will bring in as many people as possible. Get the Map Here: You were pretty chill, and I think that was why your channel grew. It was nice that you had these videos every once in a while, but when it supplanted your main content, I became disinterested, as I would guess many other people did. I would much rather search for, and watch a video on how to do something with the title I suggested, rather than yours. Guess that plan went out the window when they decided to care more about profits than integrity. It’s crazy how consistently creative he is.

Or an Ant Farm Survival. I cover multiple topics in that video, and frame it in a way that’s friendly for people who legitimately have NO idea how to what I’m saying. antvrnom

Ant farm wiki

The guy was and still is a genius. As long as the content behind the clickbait title is actually good, there’s really nothing of substance to complain about. His new layout does get views, like it or not. My biggest issue with Mumbo is the repeditiveness.

Great guys with very minimal swearing, if it all, with really addicting content in my opinion. I stopped watching right around sky ant farm survival. Also, he consistently asks for feedback and critique in his videos so if you’re just posting a passive-aggressive screenshot on reddit, you’re not really being a helpful member of his audience. Updated the OP with new figures and all of the new episodes. Did you watch the videos where he practically applied the Scientific Method to breaking the world barrier or getting maximum damage?


You can find the thread for this new series here. That is absolutely not a thing worth complaining about. This is your chance to offer constructive feedback to help him continue to make better videos, not a platform to gush.

Extreme AntFarm Survival – Episode 18 – CREEPERS ROUND 2! – смотреть онлайн на

I don’t mind facecams, what i can’t stand are people that have these huge overreactions to every little thing. And as far as the “?!

Not fashionable or just takes too long to record for larger channels, smaller channels are difficult to find because of the huge amount of minecraft content. I would argue that this is actually a better title, as the current title answers the question if you know what the thumbnail means, but this title tells you what the thumbnail means and asks a question that drives you to watch the video to get the answer.

Kids love faces these days. I had to act to ensure I survived, and in a way survifal I still enjoyed. He didn’t want to inspire constructive conversation, because that doesn’t yield upvotes.

There are some people out there who legitimately think I need to cater to the older audience, and have to make what they like just because. That was an excellent decision on your part. So, really, ignore the haters.

Are they suitable for grade school kids?

Download Lagu Minecraft Extreme Ant Farm Survival Episode 1 | IMAGESPERFECTGLASSCOM

Gladly youtube gaming allows you to see the video when you hover your mouse over the thumbnail, so that helps, but it is rather bothersome.


My son extrrme in elementary school and he doesn’t watch AntVenom anymore because of how the channel has changed. His videos are atrocious now.

Now, I’m back to watching every day and am a huge fan of your new content, great job! Considering he shows exactly what the thumbnail shows The way you went about it really just looks like you’re begging and dying for people to just KNOW sjrvival it is you’re shouting about.

SeaNanners is a perfect example. Ant Farm Corruption had by far, the lowest amount comments, views, and ratings.

I’ve certainly lost interest in others as they’ve changed over time. I know that I am not a content creator, and I know nothing about the challenges you might anf and that I am not your target audience. Something serialized that brings viewers back everyday. Just wanted to say I used to be a big fan of yours and was one of the original moderators of your subreddit back in the day. The only issue with dire is he tends to do the same thing over and over.

In some ways I’m thankful for it, it acts as a nice big ajt label that it’s not the kind of video I would want to watch. I also extteme not as many people overall would click on the video if it had the exact title. Mumbojumbo is probably the most kid-targeted of all of them, but he still makes great content.

Antvenom has become the Buzzfeed of Minecraft videos. It is your basic marketing. Well at least he acknowledges who his audience is.