Pairing undecided for now. True Potential by TheSilverboar reviews A simple accident. This is rated M for a reason, so if you’re not of age to read it, don’t read it. Rating for stories up to an M rating. Add – More Earthian. No Matter What by Chazaq reviews “James!

Inspired by SoulReaperCrewe’s son of the Huntress: Add – More Karin. Add – More Sakamichi no Apollon. But what good is that power when its wasted by fools like them? But from humble beginnings he will strive for greatness. Add – More Hakuouki.

The Sealed Legends by Henrypotter reviews What if the shinigami didn’t take minato’s soul when the kyuubi was sealed?

Will he step up to the plate and join rias or will he be lost forever. Drunk Tsunade however has none of those inhibitions. Multi-cross with DxD being the main one. How far would he go and what about the Uchiha heiress wanting them to be more than friends?

The experiment’s change him- but no one knows of it’s full implications. What will happen now as he makes his way to his destiny. Add – More Super Lovers. And what the hell is Endeavor doing here! One individual seeks to eliminate the world government. Includes many Servants and all sorts of shenanigans! Something he thought was impossible yet something he embraced that day so he can protect his comrades. Will Loki never be alone again? With this new found power, he decided to turn his life around.


Add – More Sengoku Basara.

Racheluzumaki’s Anime List –

Expect bashing of certain characters, Alternate Universe, Summer after 4th year and beyond. Itachi x Mei x Tsunade Naruto – Rated: He will arm the disarmed and hopefully bring peace and equality to the Wizarding World Of Britain. But there are enemies in the shadows binding their time, and secrets are being kept from the world. Detention at the Steamy Bathhouse! U with slight Naruto Crossover. What its abilities and appearance is unknown, but is a forgotten. Too late, I saw everything go white.

They set out to prove he was wrong. Especially when they kept causing him so much extra paperwork.

Add – More Ueki no Housoku. Things were looking up for him until Vilgax came back with help to try and destroy him yet again. Ones that he wrote! Then unexpectedly, he is sucked into the supernatural world. Naruto Benjamin Parker will try to hold on to the people and things precious to him as his life takes a turn for the worse and dangerous epiosde he gains superhuman powers.

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With the death of Fire Fist Ace still so fresh in the news, a new legend is born. To rebuild his own clan and then Uzushiogakure will take time, power, and close allies that can be trusted without question. Yet time warps all things after death, legends included.

Add – Wub Cardcaptor Sakura. Deathberry Chronicles, Reprise by badliar reviews Different actions, different consequences, instead of Final Getsuga Tenshou, Zangetsu and Ichigo’s hollow side decided to fully merge with Ichigo to defeat Aizen, but the act also sent Taail back in time before he rescued Rukia, what will Ichigo do now?


FAIRY TAIL Episode フェアリーテイル (Series 2 Episode 18) OMFG! Natsu Drops Dragon & Cobra’s Arrival !!

Here I am, caught up in it again. This is the story about how Midoriya Izuku became the strongest hero thanks to The Force.

Pairing TBD during Tenrou arc. Please read and review.

Join me as we delve into the beginnings of this force of nature. This is a time-traveling fic where Issei will relive the previous ten years of his life and fights new enemies and goes on new adventures. Now, after defeating Voldemort, a weary Harry Potter travels back to the world of his birth, and works to reunite his family. What will our demon do? How will the halls of Yokai Academy change with him around? M – English – Supernatural – Chapters: