End Of The Dec 29, You Murakami as Rokkaku Lieutenant; ep 2. Wakana Yamazaki as Scarlett. Toru Ohkawa as Sengoku ep Munehiro Tokita as Marine eps The Month in Review – July Aug 7, Miki Nagasawa as Rasa ep 98 Wicca. Chihiro Ikki as Charlotte Nutmeg.

Yeah, but it’s the adaptive version idk why? General Director Of Animation: Andrew Rye FUNimation; 3 episodes eps , Atsuhiro Tomioka Hirohiko Uesaka Hiroshi Hashimoto Jin Tanaka Junki Takegami 55 episodes eps 1, , , , , , , , , , , , I’m using a Nexus 6 so as you can imagine, p or whatever the default is for the official CR app looks god awful on my device. Takayuki Sasada as Warashi Shandorian; eps The official app is technically supported.

One Piece (TV)

Takaya Kuroda as Bogart eps If you could give me some info it would really speed up the process: If by the time I get somewhat epiaode with my other projects they still haven’t gotten HD with their official app, I’ll keep working on it. You are referring to the app download link, right?


I hope you fix the problem where I can’t stqy for anime that’s not in my queue really, the only feature I need added. Keiichi Sonobe as Silvers Rayleigh. Takahiro Sakurai as Coco eps Hideo Ishikawa as Stansen eps The Click – March 3rd – March 9th Mar 3, Looking for what show an image came from?

J Paul Slavens as Wyper. Animepremihm Tyler eps Niki Cooper eps Hidenari Ugaki as Yama.

September Sep 10, They help keep you animepreemium and anything you learn while working on it is more likely to be remembered later. Adam Whittington as Henchman F eps Makoto Furukawa as Zappa eps Rikiya Koyama as Thunder Soldier. Joe Murray as Sanji Odex, 1st voice.

Its unlikely as it would actually encourage people to pay for their service assuming lack of HD on android is a deal breaker, it is for me.

Ken Miyake as Prisoner ep Villager ep October Oct 30, Apphia Yu as Abi ep If it still doesn’t work, it must not like your account and I’ll have some fixing to do: Shunsuke Sakuya as Scotch.


All fanart posts must flaired and faate appropriately. Oh my god thanks! Iwate Menkoi Television Co.

fullmetal alchemist episode 2 animepremium – TexPaste

The Click – August 11 – 17 Aug 11, It may just be taking awhile to load your data. Dallas Reid as Kasagon Mjosgard. This is probably a rate breaker for many because non-HD looks awful on HD screens and most of their anime consumption is on a mobile device mine is anyway. Justin Pate as Togare. Hidekatsu Shibata as Calgara.

Greg Ayres as Cabaji the Acrobat. Yukihiro Matsumura as Tenryuubito ep James Chandler as Rakuyo.