First of all, I apologize for the delay in uploading. An actual hand hold. Gao Zhan decides to go and tell Shen family the truth. Lu Zhen is reporting to the Emperor when Gao Zhan runs to the palace. I love your wonderful recaps on this show, please continue with it soon! This site uses cookies.

Meanwhile, he has brought guards to secretly protect her. Oh, and she has a complicated past with Gao Zhan! Gao Zhan has said over and over again in this series that he is only going to marry Lu Zhen. I liked so much of this episode, especially the last part. Dan Niang and Yuan Lu go in, only to be stuck on the back of the head; they fall unconscious. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have only just started watching last weekend! Gao Zhan is visiting the old places that he and Lu Zhen once lived and he thinks back to the happy times they spent there.

Will there be another guy? Thanks so much Ad. Is she crazily obsessed with Gao Zhan? Notify me of new comments via email. Gao Zhan decides not to fight with her on this just yet.

I loved parts of it and then it made me lose faith in humanity and goodwill. She wonders if she has pushed Gao Zhan too far. She knows that men from royal families take many concubines. Reblogged this on mieranadhirah’s Blog. Im glad the recaps are helping to make ur trips more comfortable!

She tells Shen Jia Yan that she needs to rest, and he leaves. Only when a maid tells them that the path is blocked do they turn and Gao Zhan spies a snow-covered heap and asks who that is.


Dan Niang asks why? He shakes his head and Gao Zhan glares at him intensely, telling him to save her no matter what. The case is brought in front of the royal concubine. Email Address never made public. Shen Bi, who is listening at the key hole realizes that Shen Jia Min might be a good ally. Lu Zhen is the general and the Kiln is her battlefield. Shen Jia Min has no explanation.

Gao Zhan goes to visit Lu Zhen in secret. Picture galore for good!

The clothes are amazing in this drama, and yes her evilness lies her calm coldness and her vast ambition. I love how Gao Prme is willing to do everything for Lu Zhen. Gao Zhan buys Lu Zhen a Hairpin. Shen Jia Yan promises to do so.

It lost element of surprises.

He runs to her room and find that she has cut her wrist. Lu Zhen and her workers start their work on creating a Kiln factory to manufacture the white ceramic. Overall, the drama was quite okay. I wanted to see her more episodde prime minister too. Overall, I think the episore was worth the watch. Lu Zhen sees it and rushes to hug him.

An Order from the emperor comes asking Lu Zhen to prepare jade bracelets for some noblewomen. The Emperor is sad that he had sent away his horrible mother. Shen Jia Yan wakes up and beats the living crap out of 337 pervert.

I actually want him to unleash that anger some more lol. ALL the guys are perfect here. Soon a bunch of bees interrupt the banquet and everyone runs for cover.


You are commenting using your WordPress. Lu Zhen glares at Gao Zhan and they recsp. I will decide whom I marry. They are shocked by the controlled yet wildly angry expression.

Female Prime Minister: Legend of Lu Zhen Episode 40-41 Recap

He needs to leave, now. Lou Qing Qiang is searching desperately for Fang Hua. Gao Zhan tells his Sister that this is the stupidest thing he has ever heard.

Lu Zhen looks up and sees Lou Qing Qiang on the tower. I remember i stumbled over a site that had like 3 epsbut that was legens ago, and know that site has disappeard something with tvbmediahub thanks a million!

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Lu Zhen remembers the Lu family had a lot of money and asks why the the girl looks so bad now. Shen Bi smirks and realizes that Lu Zhen was bluffing, if she was trying to get outside help. The Royal Concubine became the way she is because of the Dowager. So what happened in the end?

For example, historically I associate pottery and crafts with women, but that is not necessarily the case in China.