Pris Last Online 33 hrs, 32 mins ago. These are troubling times. We don’t have to go in there! Once you beat the tenth gatekeeper, you will receive the Covenant of Growth Garment Grid. Use it until you land the same digits on both dice. You’ll also be rewarded with the Ray of Light Garment Grid for your troubles. Infiltrate Bevelle” hotspot mission Chapter 3? Dude, we talked about this.

JoloStuki JoloStuki 9 years ago 4 It’s also only 4 topics down. If you’re having trouble with max strength or magic, I suggest killing Trema and using his Iron Duke accessory. If it wasn’t ever a Hotspot to begin with, you’ve missed some pre-reqs in earlier chapters. Follow the path to the first set of ledges. Turn back around, this time taking the first path to the west. Speak with Tromell twice in a row. So we all concluded it’s “Tee-dus”, right? It seems that the Cactaurs are having a bit of trouble.

The reward for finding all 13 monkeys is the Chaos Maelstrom Garment Grid. If not then just equip it on one.

Ch4 Celcius – CommSphere Network. If you went to the Youth League, Elma and company will let the Gullwings participate in a battle tournament, which you should obviously agree to. Return to the cave where you found Cid after completing the episode, to explore the rest of the dungeon.

If you gave it to the Youth League you will witness the final scene with Maroda, receive the Scourgebane garment grid, and get Episode Complete!


Final Fantasy X-2

Move straight ahead to a hole in the floor. Ch2 Guadosalam – Mt. Log In Sign Up. These are troubling times. Was Bevelle ever a Hotspot for you in Ch. Be sure to view all Zanarkand Ruins commsphere transmissions in full, before and after Tobli Hunt mission Chapter 5?

Throughout the level there is a maze of fiends and traps.

It kinda just ends. You might also want to head back and save at the Travel Agency. Now that you’ve got all those scenes setup, you can do achievement clean-up. First, you have to trap an enemy using Pods in the Creature Creator accessible through Shinra at the Celsius. Using the pad on level 0 to return to the correct level.

You can start this mission while you’re in Chapter 3, but you can’t finish it until the end of the game.

It is suggested to have your character to level 99 with over HP to continue past Cloister You can easily abuse of this feature, for example killing 10 from the “Basilisk” family like Gucumatz will make enemies like Chac enter in Oversoul as long as It’s your 11th encounter. After which you will receive the Scourgebane Garment Grid from Maroda. Stay awake and plot your revenge. But Rikku and I can see right through you. The harder one is ‘The End’ Grid for completing Shinra’s Bestiary, but only requires you to pass through two gates.

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Log In Sign Up. Once you beat the tenth gatekeeper, you will receive the Covenant of Growth Garment Grid. Tensions are flaring between Kimahri and Garik, and they’re going to settle their differences. Defeat Garik at the summit of Mt. It’s in plain sight. It is only visible to you. Retrieved from ” https: If you’ve followed the guide, you will have everything required for the rest of the achievements.


Story Level 5 – Bevelle, Episode Complete – Final Fantasy X-2 Complete Script Project

Seems like there’s a disturbance in the area, and fiends are occupying all of the lightning towers. Infiltrate Bevelle” hotspot mission Chapter 3? Speak with Tromell twice in a row.

Move the camera to the right then zoom in, ffxx for Dona to come out and she will speak to you regarding Lian and Ayde. Just follow the red marker for now until you find Rikku’s daddy, Cid. You can also secure the Desert Key in this new dig site.

Simply using Dark Knight’s Darkness ability to wipe them out in one hit. Ah, that’s right- Pacce’s been leading a bunch of kids on a search of Bevelle.