Though their professed targets of “breaking into the international market” has yet to be truly achieved, ambition is always a good thing. Do they buy books about local Malay legends and folklore? No, that doesn’t mean that each article in the magazine will be in English and Bahasa Malaysia. Namwee’s Hantu Gangster is however tracking well in its first weekend taking in RM1. And for those who are itching to find a proper platform to meluahkan perasaan, to question authority or any parties may it be TV stations or government agencies, this is it. Okayyyy…now, I find Bunohan to be an excellent piece of cinema, though not mainstream commercial cinema.

Published on August 18, Cinta Beruang – RM50, Salam Cinta – RM, Prints of those films receiving nominations will be returned to the sender at Academy expense. Languages Bahasa Melayu Edit links. Hantu Kapcai – RM3. About half the movies in this list including some worthwhile ones like The Collector and Chow Kit lost money or barely broke even.

His brother Mathis and his friends try to avoid trouble at any cost. Gado Gado the comedy series is dear to me. Sherlock and Watson must stop this great threat before Moriarty succeeds in provoking a World War. Academy award nominations for all major categories have not been announced yet. Air Mata Ibu – RM70, It is really strange to me, why we as Malays are so willing to assimilate the traditions and cultures of others whilst diluting our own?

Fi,em Osman Ali dalam “Langit Cinta” menjadi. About half the movies in this list including some worthwhile ones like The Collector and Chow Kit lost money or barely broke even. Furthermore, I don’t know if viewers want to see Gado Gado again because in Astro, there are a lot of sketch based comedies – featuring artistes like Mamat Khalid, Khir Rahman, Awie Wings, Achong and a whole load of mofie actors.

So we decided to take a hiatus – a long one. Bustaman An interview with Penjahat memburu Maria kerana mahukan mikrocip yang mengandungi maklumat tender projek kerajaan itu akhirnya dapat menjejaki mereka di Terengganu.


Aji Noh Motor – RM, still showing Left without any resources or backup, Ethan must find a way to clear his agency’s name and prevent another attack. Actress Maya Karin stars as the titular character, and Osman couldn’t be happier with his choice.

I wish Dain well and hope that Fjll will be selected for the five slots in the final nomination process, and who knows even be voted as the Best Foreign Language Film awards.

Will movies like Sam, another Skop release and directed by Yusoff Haslam’s other son Syafiq, be a hit? Please help to establish notability by citing jiww secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

Pesona Pictures have been very quiet about their flick which was actually screened to VIPs some time back already. PT on Thursday, January 10, Istanbul Aku Datang – RM3. Info Not Available Genre: However, due to various reasons, I cannot and will not write about the production in this blog.

Di kampung, Mael kembali bertemu dengan Rozie Shenthy Felizianabekas kekasihnya yang kini telah bergelar tunangan kepada Tiger Taiyudin Bakar. This shortlisted group will then be screened for members again for the third round which is to select the best five foreign language films of the lot.

Box-office takings have not improved and have stagnated significantly.

Movei of himself, he stows himself away from the world. Apart from Othman Hafsham’s one-off special entitled Bunga Bunga Berguguran I think that was the title it was local television’s first sketch based comedy series the first episode was shown about a month or two before the first episode of Jangan Ketawa on TV3.

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Posted by anwardi at 8: Their rivalry is further heightened with various customer antics. Revenge becomes the motive to Mikey when his brother Mathis goes missing and is killed.


Budak Pailang – RM, Fist of Dragon – RM1. Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer. Osman Ali does not mind 18 classification for “Jwanita”.

Chow Kit – RM, Is there truth in this? Posted by anwardi at 3: Whilst there is a concerted effort to protect the sanctity of the Bahasa Malaysia language that has taken centuries to be perfected, I am disappointed not to see much effort to truly movvie the love for Malay culture and traditions within the younger generation of the Malay society. However, controversy good or bad usually works well for a movie. The hoopla celebrating last year’s box office hits have long gone and mostly forgotten as producers bite their fingernails and jjiwa bricks and they fulll nervously at all the numbers that are being posted on the box office charts.

I told them I would think about it. I even prefer the one they did for its Oscar campaign: May we have more of this: The jubbah and the serbansynonymous with Arabic identity are replacing the songkok and baju Melayu.

But meanwhile, the Press shouldn’t go overboard. Baik Giler – RM, Would Gado Gado be able to compete? Hidupnya mula berubah hiwa menjadi kelam kabut apabila bertemu dengan Maria Juliana Evans yang meminta pertolongan darinya untuk menyelamatkan diri daripada penjahat. Skrip2Skrin hopes to fill that vacuum.


Uwei’s Hanyut may take some time before reaching our screens. He decided to go back to his home state, Perlis.

Adnan Sempit 2 – RM6. Ramlee, not make fun of the news etc.