The White Man’s Burden By: Cookbook – Burgers Publisher: Self-actualization Psychology – Happiness Publisher: Muslim Hui-Chinese woman and her child on their way to work in the fields. Travel Writings – Islam – Hajj Publisher: Caricature – Cartoons Publisher:

Marketing – Sells Publisher: Abu Khalil, Shawqwi Item: Youth Development – Teen Psychology Publisher: Din, Marwan Sa’d Item: Omari, Nasser Suliman Item: Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Design Publisher: Articles – Thought – Politics – Lebanon Publisher:

Self Development – Effective Habits Publisher: Writings, Musings, Prose – Syria Publisher: Grant Halvorson, Heidi Item: World Atlas – Teen Up Publisher: Health – Self Development Publisher: Modern Arabic Poetry – Algeria Publisher: Self Development – Communications Publisher: Self Help-Personal Development Publisher: Cookbook – Cheesecake and Meringue sweets Publisher: Also, a bottle of vodka. Biographies – Memoirs Publisher: Arabic Writing – Calligraphy – History Publisher: Ali, Jamal Lmadna Item: School children from different ethnic backgrounds studying Chinese.


Yaseein, Kamal al-Jayb Item: Politics and Religion – Sociology Publisher: Medicine – Arab – Facts and Fiction Publisher: Personal Finance – Investment Publisher: Arabic Calligraphy and Islamic Design Publisher: Islamic Jurisprudence – Finance Publisher: Early Travels – Andalusia 17th Century Publisher: Criminal Study – International Courts Publisher: Business – Sales Publisher: Writings 9anax Memories – Bahrain Publisher: Cookbook – Ice Cream and Desserts Publisher: Abouseif, Doris Abouseif Item: Global Economy – Investments Publisher: Sayigh, Fath Allah Anton Item: Persuasion in Organizations Publisher: Biographical Reference – Muslim Scholars Publisher: Cairo of the Mamluks: Parenting – Boys Publisher: Business – Management Publisher: Writings – Reflections – Memoirs – Palestine Publisher: Between T-shirts and pants in Osh Bazaar.

Peace of Mind – Quotations, Maxims, etc. Cookbook – Pastries Publisher: Cooking – Indonesia Publisher: Lmadinna the ring roads of the provincial capital. Self-Help – Memory Publisher: Cookbook – Barbeques Publisher: Jadawel, Beirut, Arabic Edition, c.


Baltaji, Lamma Bendaq Item: Art student Sofia by the seaside.