Lost Season One P. Audible Download Audio Books. Kara on Film Diary: Shabondama Elegy Original title Year: An actual story isn’t really apparent through the movie except for the bit at the beginning where a guy escapes the cops and meets a girl in a bar. He takes refuge in her flat and soon they fall in love. Thy will be done, thy kingdom come in my ass, forever and ever. I think the closest director I can compare him to is Carlos Atanes and some of the Cinema of Transgression people.

SMS Sugar Man Now, I don’t mean transitions like fades, but if a movie is gonna go crazy with the editing, I want it to move fluently in a way that makes it feel like a complete work that ties together perfectly. Shabondama Elegy Original title Year: What I didn’t like was that the experimental aspect the filtering and editing wasn’t handled very well and didn’t have any smooth transitions between them. Director Ian Kerkhof Production: I had no idea what it was. Fred Olen Ray Stars: Henry Chagall is a disgruntled scientist who suffers from impotence.

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Add the first question. Believe it or not, some gay men have a hard time looking at straight sex, just as straight men are uncomfortable watching man shablndama man sex.

Generally I’m wary when techniques like these are employed, but in this instance they are the essence of the film.

The film opens with a figurative blood bath as the tragic hero murders two Japanese police officers, and predictably as if ripped from the pages of a textbook about experimental filmmaking one of the final images of the film combines fluids with the colors red and white to depict the heroine washingly herself clean both inside and out of her slain lover in, quite literally, a blood bath:.


Twentysomething innocents Jacqui and Martijn move to Amsterdam and immerse themselves in the intense and drug-laden underground club scene. Kerkhof presents it in all its graphic, sexual intimacy, crossing boundaries of narrative propriety with impunity.

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Audible Download Audio Books. On this occasion snabondama is working with a Japanese producer and shooting in Japan with the enormously flexible and light DV camera, ‘re-mixing’ his material on the infinitely flexible AVID editing equipment to create a film for the big screen.

Production and development funding. This is a film that does not make compromises to facilitate comprehension. Aryan Kaganof is quite the provocateur and has no shame in showing whatever the hell he wants in his films. I must say it was a few interesting ahabondama of opening that package since I had no idea what movie would be in there.

Bare Naked Desires There’s a certain taste needed, or maybe sometimes a lack of taste needed. Hiroshi, Thom Hoffman, Mai Hoshino. It feels very raw and in your face. Share this Rating Title: She meets a naive Amazon, Kristina, who Search for ” Shabondama Elegy ” on Amazon. Latest from the BFI Latest news, features and opinion. See the full gallery.

Aryan Kaganof as Ian Kerkhof. Sometimes scenes are shot from wildly different angles.

And on the package there was an AK47 printed on it. It is a graphic poem. Future learning and skills. Primarily this is a story of an obsessive love affair.


He takes refuge in her flat and soon they fall in love. A romance begins to grow between them, but it’s a very obsessive romance. Edit Storyline Escaping from the Japanese police, Jack stumbles into a bar, where he meets Keiko, a money-hungry year-old adult film actress and the younger sister of his ex-wife. I came upon this work solely from an interest in Thom Hoffman, whose filk in Black Book I admired.

Shabondama Elegy

It lacks a lot of focus to the story, and maybe that was Aryan’s shaondama but to me it harms the movie. Didn’t get invited to any Academy Awards after-parties? I came home from work and found a package from Cape Town, South Africa which alone is odd since I couldn’t think of any filmmakers frm there.

Sometimes it feels like standard pinku, something very surreal. Full Cast and Crew. Hoffman is good in this as well, though the films couldn’t be more different.

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Your National Lottery funded project. Buttz on Film Diary: Lisa Claudia Rocchia young and pretty wife stuck in a marriage with a much older husband who cannot satisfy her sexually or in any other way. Kerkhof then adds lube and bullets into the e,egy and the result is not at all surprising: