Jolie continues to bring us world stories that matter. Follow blindly without thinking about anything for yourself! July 17th, at 4: This is what makes him great. Haha its crazy that right after this guy put up the negative comment and broke the streak, all these other websites came and started publishing negative critique. Dark Knight Falls Says:

I thought TDK was overblown pretentious nonsense, and I almost wholeheartedly agree with this reviewer. When the movie ended, the same word came out of my mouth as the previous 2 Batman films, The Avengers, etc. The movies works like this on every level. The comparison to pro-wrestling is interesting. But it won over the critics, mostly because of a sizzling performance by Heath Ledger, who died before the movie was released and who was given a posthumous Oscar. With no social references to our society and philosophical depth.

Its warm in the stokcholm. In Arkham Asylum, Batman is introduced to the Riddler. July 21st, at 1: How the final showdown between Bane and Batman plays out??? Santo LoquastoSet Designer. August 10th, at This is, perhaps, THE most highly anticipated movie of the last 15 years aside from The Eawt Menace and you should have considered that you were bound to upset fans looking for a perfect ending to one of the greatest superhero sagas ever to be filmed.

You guys can still go see the movie. Keep writing horrible reviews my friend. All of your saved places recenzua be found here in My Trips.

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Can we at least all try to be peaceful until Friday? Because you have no imagination. July 31st, at 2: I think you are brave. Dutch Embassy in Slovakia is the greenest of all 8. A sensational success to everybody who has dedicated it’s work to develop this unbelievable airplane. More time spent doing things that are more important to me and more helpful toward society. July 31st, at 5: Rises is not a terrible movie, it was a pretty good movie…it was also, the weakest of the 3. Then we can all argue about stupid things for a whole week and get it out of our systems.


July 20th, at 1: You like MIB3 and The Lucky One, but you crap on arguably the most successful combination of box office success and critical acclaim of the past 5 years.

Was it worth your credibility? This is Verdi, not Tchaikovsky. I unfortunately have to agree with Marshall Fine… Overblown bombast and special effects are no substitute for great storytelling and dramatic inevitability. Harsh landscapes shimmer with beauty, even when littered with the bones of landmines and abandoned tanks.

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July 16th, at 7: This is what makes him great. Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. You gave MIB 3 a good review? It is very sad and heart breaking what happened in Colorado. You have no idea how to review a movie, you are paid to just criticize things. The storytelling even got out of control and nothing made sense at the end! I would agree there are some inaccurate points.

Stop acting so childish.

The Child, outraged at the cruelty will recenia the broken Robin home to restore it back to health. Those who enjoy all CBMs, you guys help make these movies possible and will help us get many more! July 29th, at Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Stockgolm wonder if Christopher Nolan cringes when he thinks about what absolute mouth frothing idiots he can count as a fan base. You and Armond White probably are best friends.


First Airline to operate an A, A and Dreamliner. You have every right to write a negative review and maybe you are indeed correct with your criticism.

Qatar Airways has won the award twice before, in and While you have a sharp vocabulary, RT needs to take a look at your ability to perceive what is quality and what is absolute dross. For intelligent movies they seems to force little afterthought.

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Since you are a self-proclaimed lover of movies for smart people the Nolan Batman saga should bring you hope not hate and anger at the younger generation. Second Why the fuck is batman so stupid, this is the critical thinker.

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Yes folks, there are twist and turns that are all revealed in the last 30 minutes or so. Sstockholm took two years for the video to come into existence. The movie ran too long to be in touch with the heartfelt moments. Even though your probably not even from there… P.